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george turner models

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Hi all, just bought a hillman imp casting , its the wide arched version. Could you advise what size wheels would be suitable please. I must commend Mr turner on a fantastic model with so little flash. Has anyone got a link to hillman imp data which would help in my research to produce a specific model, I have found very little on wide low hillman imp. Thanks. Gary
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Hillman Imps - just love them and so successful in many different racing and rally versions and sounded great with that Coventry Climax designed engine.

Tuners like Fraser (already mentioned), Bevan, Hartwell and Emery spring to mind.

The 'wide arch' versions came later in the 1970s and were very successful in British Club racing - paricularly George Bevan built examples, some of which can be found here.

Then there was the (in)famous Jonathan Buncombe 'chimp' (really a rebodied Chevron B19) which rather provoked Vauxhall because it was capable of beating Gerry Marshall in Baby Bertha - the story is here.

Good luck with whichever version you decide to build!

Stan Kirk.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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