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Hi Guys,
Have a look around for a decent laptop if you havent already got one. Try to get one not too old and with 3 USB ports, if not 2 should be minimum. The laptop should be able to go online to quickly download the latest programs.
Advantage of a laptop is you can take it over to the track to reflash a car, and take it to each LB to quickly reflash. (remember put an on/off switch to each LB to allow for quick reflash or configure). Saves you walking all the way to the LB to reset it, and another trip to the power supply to turn power on/off to pout LB in operating mode. The laptop is almost standard Scorpius equipment as far as Im concerned.
You also seem to get a better result when reflashing things when closer.

Other tools you will need to do the job properly:

Multimeter, a cheap one will be fine.
Sidecutters, professional ones. Check out the Duratech brand if you see it.
Soldering station, I just bought a $78 cheapie, tips available, not the $700 one John uses, but get over the $30 ones, they're false economy.
Hot glue gun, little cheapie is actually better.
Dremel. Havent got one? You havent lived. Chinese copy is fine. Safety glasses are required.
Vernier calipers, cheapies friom the markets are fine. But get them!
Nose pliers, good quality
Exacto knife.
Lead free solder, throw your lead solder out in the next rubbidsh collection, it can make you sick in confined spaces.
Selection of heatshrink. Different guages in red and black.
Selection of wire, get all 10 colours in rolls, so much cheaper.
Screwdrivers good quality selection including watchmakers screwdivers here cheapies will suffice.
A good work station, clutter free.
A decent light. I bought a magnifying light for detail work.

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