Items For Trade:

Over 15 years ago I built up a big pile of track both classic and sport digital as well as a boxed sport digital Porsche set. The powerbase was upgraded to a Powerbase Pro and somewhere I have the cable to apply updates. I have a couple of extra cars as well as far I can recall and at least two sport digital upgrade chips to convert older cars that I never got around to.

The whole lot was collected for using with cubs, but I have since finished being a leader and the remaining leaders are not interested in the stuff. Looking for someone to take it off my hands and make a donation to a suitable charity. It's been in Tesco delivery crates in my attic for years so time to go somewhere that'll see it used.

I'm in Edinburgh and there's too much to be posted, so really needs someone local or who's prepared to come and collect.

Anyone interested?



Will Trade For:

Charity donation