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We will be painting a track soon after refurbishment, and are looking at changing the surface from Sandtex to a gloss finish.

We run rubber tyres including stock Classic F1, SCX, Supergrips and Ultragrips.

None of our tyres are treated, and we would like to keep it that way.

Has anyone made the change and had to re-think tyres?

What are peoples experiences of running on gloss tracks, and what gains or issues have you had?


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There are a few tracks in our area and they are all gloss surface.
We were running silicones as a first choice and used a clean track/clean tire regime.

Lately there is a move to NSR (mostly ultragrip) and slotit rubber (F series and the new N22)

There is plenty of grip although some members have tried treating their tires with improved results.

treating is done elswhere...never at the track.

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New gloss track surface won't be very grippy for rubber tyres until the track "rubbers" in, then you get loads of grip, for me, I found gloss too grippy and I prefer sandtex type surface or a vinyl type paint surface.

Silicons tend to work well on gloss but the track will need regular cleaning and its best not to mix rubber based tyres with silicon on the same track

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We used to run on sandtex and now run on a smooth finished garage floor paint (similar to gloss). We chose the floor paint on the basis it would be a bit more resilient to oil, knocks, and scrapes etc.
In comparison to the sandtex it is alot less abrasive on the tyres so they last longer, it had good grip within a couple of weeks and after a couple of monthe the grip leveled off.
I wouldn't get too obsessed about banning tyre treatment there is an awful lot that can be done that is undetectable so its best just to let everyone get on with it.
As already stated 3 in 1 is the place to start and insist tyres must be dry to the touch before being placed on the track.
NSR Ultra Grips and Slot.It P6 are the tyres of choice in open classses. Scaly Nascar and Historic Road Cars (Scaly Camaros mainly) run on their original tyres perfectly well.

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