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after all the years of suffering being called a miserable old bar-steward by mrs zz , I am finally rejoicing that she has come round to my way of thinking. the source of this wonderment?... a newly found joint loathing of the foul phenomenon of otherwise seemingly intelligent individuals starting a sentence with the word "so"!!!! if you have been asked , "how do you propose to re-attach that button"? , or , "what method would you use to distribute seed in your garden" , fair enough but otherwise , nooooooooooo! other current hot favourites are "yoofs" with their kecks hanging out the top of their trousers and newly qualified drivers with a green p plate (clearly designating pillock) who refuse to commit to crossing a roundabout without having received a written invitation at least a fortnight in advance! what gets your hackles up?
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We have a winner!

I don't think anyone could surpass Abarth Mike's level of grumpiness!
When was the last time you saw the retail price of an item drop because the manufacturing process had been shifted to China?

Thought not!
In '94 when SCX manufacture moved to China the F1 cars went from £27.99 retail to £9.99!
It would be quite useful.

I worry that our parrot is not being allowed to make up her own mind about current affairs.

She tends to let us know what she thinks about newspapers by using them for the exact reason we put them in the bottom of her mansion.
I've just switched from Yorkshire to Tetley tea and hate to disagree with those above but I think Tetley is nicer.....

Spot on David!
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Ooooh - ooooh! I can be grumpy on this subject too!

It's probably not very nice to have a speech impediment, but surely it rules you out of a job where speaking clearly is fairly important.

We have a guy in the south who interrupts regular programming in my truck to tell me about the "Chaffic and Chavel".

And whether the "Chains" are running on time!

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Don't people use lavatories to do experiments an that, like?
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That's awful, Trisha!

Donkeys, eh?

At least you can spray for greenfly...
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It also uses the word circle when it means roundabout.
That's interesting Stu!

So they are referred to as roundabouts in your neck of the woods. My experience has shown they morph into "islands" around Cambridgeshire, so I thought they might be completely different the further north they were.
Amazon , shmaamazon!

I've just managed to find the little button to turn off Amazon Assistant!

I'd be looking at Screwfix or Ebay and the little box would appear in the top right hand corner showing me that Amazon could also supply that exact product. Often at three or even four times the price!

Then, after firmly hitting the x in the little pop-up, move to another page on the retailer I'm looking at, and back it comes; "Look! We sell those, why aren't you clicking here?"
Trucks are basically all the same payload, same horsepower and same drag coefficient, thus they all have the same terminal airspeed velocity.
Not at all. In 2006 it was brought into law that all commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonne GVW registered after 2001 had to be fitted with a "powered speed" limiter set at 90kmh. It was suggested at the time that it really wasn't a good idea to have the vast majority of the trucks on the road all limited to the same speed, and this "problem" is the end result. At least coaches were allowed a limit of 100kmh, otherwise it would be a whole lot worse.
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