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after all the years of suffering being called a miserable old bar-steward by mrs zz , I am finally rejoicing that she has come round to my way of thinking. the source of this wonderment?... a newly found joint loathing of the foul phenomenon of otherwise seemingly intelligent individuals starting a sentence with the word "so"!!!! if you have been asked , "how do you propose to re-attach that button"? , or , "what method would you use to distribute seed in your garden" , fair enough but otherwise , nooooooooooo! other current hot favourites are "yoofs" with their kecks hanging out the top of their trousers and newly qualified drivers with a green p plate (clearly designating pillock) who refuse to commit to crossing a roundabout without having received a written invitation at least a fortnight in advance! what gets your hackles up?
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Smug told-you-so's that believe everything will be perfect immediately the UK leaves the EU....
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Teddy t's comment
Donald Trump's hair
Boris' hair

Have I qualified yet....
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RTR cars with non-round wheels....
RTR cars with tyres that don't grip....
RTR cars that need £50 worth of Slot-it bits to make them work anywhere near decently....
CMOTD - mine and teddyt's comments were mainly tongue in cheek, I believe....

Thanks teddyt, nothing personal you understand....

By way of explanation, we in the IoM have just watched Boris and Co decide our future....over which, as a British dependent territory, but not a part of the UK, we had no vote, hence no say, at all. Same in Channel Islands. Gib got a vote (96% in) but that didn't count for much, nor did NI's or Scots' vote. So....we watch powerless, more or less, with baited breath...!

Anyway, I need to focus on how this affects my slot car no doubt it will.

Oh and I don't like plastic wheels on slot cars either....

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If the exchange rate keeps falling, your £100 will only buy a couple of litres of fuel....
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