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after all the years of suffering being called a miserable old bar-steward by mrs zz , I am finally rejoicing that she has come round to my way of thinking. the source of this wonderment?... a newly found joint loathing of the foul phenomenon of otherwise seemingly intelligent individuals starting a sentence with the word "so"!!!! if you have been asked , "how do you propose to re-attach that button"? , or , "what method would you use to distribute seed in your garden" , fair enough but otherwise , nooooooooooo! other current hot favourites are "yoofs" with their kecks hanging out the top of their trousers and newly qualified drivers with a green p plate (clearly designating pillock) who refuse to commit to crossing a roundabout without having received a written invitation at least a fortnight in advance! what gets your hackles up?
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parking close is minimal even with people aware I'm disabled.
Can you apply for a blue parking space? OR even a sign. I assume you have a sticker but that is useless without the actual spot.
I do miss going on proper drives on good days though,
In days of yore my Cooper S had a full-length Webasto roof:cool:
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The Hillbillies next-door have plenty of previous for being copycats. :rolleyes:

Quite a few years ago I made a flyscreen for our back door because Wor Lass likes fresh air in the kitchen but not flying entities that spread germs. Not long after, the hillbillies went out and bought one. Every year since, within days of me putting ours in place, theirs has appeared.

On Friday, I put ours up. This morning, I notice theirs. No surprise there.

What would be more of a surprise is if, just once, they beat me to it.
Get the clippers out?

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^ Change to a more glue-like paint brand|?
One for Trisha?

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Our local press has plumbed new depths of poor grammar/poor reporting. :rolleyes:
People who correct grammar on forums are often called "grammar nazis', by those less well-versed. I wonder if there is a collective noun for people who use bad grammar
^ Probably staring on Gran Designs
My brother's hand-me-down Citroen C5 didn't have a user-accessible fill point for the auto transmission fluid.

Did have an old cheese sandwich in the pocket behind the passenger's seat. Apparently one of my nieces put her unwanted breakfast there a few years previous on the way to school.
^ I hope it is not travelling by train?
Spent the last three hours in A & E waiting for X-ray results on my left wrist after falling off push bike at high speed. Deep joy. Tomorrow is our tenth wedding anniversary and we are off for a night away. It was going to be a week in France but EasyJet cancelled the flight 7 days ago.
To cap it all, as I was on the way to hospital my wife got a call from her pregnant daughter that her waters have broken and could she pick up her dogs from the hospital car park? Needless to say it’s a different hospital to the one I am in.
Once a polly tighto...
Thanks all. Fracture clinic called me. It’s broken so gotta go back for plaster cast. Bummer.
Sorry I won't be able to pop round to sign it :unsure:

Don't forget to ask if you will still be able to play the piano!;)
at 70mph the engine revs were 3500RPM.
Oh how quickly we forget. Classic Cooper S at 70 mph would have been around 4750rpm. Fiat 128 o_O
I'm now the proud owner of baby's first Winnie the Pooh toothbrush
I have a Hello Kitty putter:whistle:

Pain? Have you tried CBD Gummy Bears. I'm not in UK but I'm sure somebody would send you some?
Courtesy of Hermes today. View attachment 310649
A bit of Tamiya putty and

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A new poll has been published citing the 'Top 10 worst places to live in the UK.' Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire has knocked Peterborough in Cambridgeshire off the top spot this year.
I went to school there:whistle: but didn't live there.
I never got the toolbox back, not that technically it was my work as it ended up being made by a CNC machine which hopefully they didn't notice.
The first year of my apprenticeship was spent off-site at a purpose-built training centre. We had to rotate through all departments and were split up into groups. Some started in turning, some in welding, and me with my group in filing. We had to make a square out of round bar. With chisel and file. It had to be perfect. So you can guess what the guys who stated in the milling section did when they got to the filing.:whistle:
under a health and safety law.
I used to get paid a lot in Indonesia for sweating.(y) Woosies
needless to say i spent a reasonably good night on the sofa quite comfy really for sleeping on.
Woman who put man in doghouse, soon find him in cathouse.
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Maybe the gulls like ice cream because, as my mother told me, it is the only food one is allowed to eat in the street.
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