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after all the years of suffering being called a miserable old bar-steward by mrs zz , I am finally rejoicing that she has come round to my way of thinking. the source of this wonderment?... a newly found joint loathing of the foul phenomenon of otherwise seemingly intelligent individuals starting a sentence with the word "so"!!!! if you have been asked , "how do you propose to re-attach that button"? , or , "what method would you use to distribute seed in your garden" , fair enough but otherwise , nooooooooooo! other current hot favourites are "yoofs" with their kecks hanging out the top of their trousers and newly qualified drivers with a green p plate (clearly designating pillock) who refuse to commit to crossing a roundabout without having received a written invitation at least a fortnight in advance! what gets your hackles up?
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Real XXX hardcore grump there teddy - bordering on murderous intent!

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QUOTE (teddyt @ 9 May 2016, 10:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The damn Pro and Anti EU protaganists, stop scare mongering and just tell the truth!!!!
And the Bloke and his wife Next door ,they persist on breathing!!!!

apparently if we leave Europe all our first born will be orange with purple spots , our legs will drop off overnight , and it will rain custard.... don't believe the hype!!

of course neither side can say with any certainty what exactly will happen but then life aint a certainty. the latest "if we leave , Europe will end up at war" statement from the stay camp really shoots themselves in the foot , that has got to be the best excuse to go yet. let turkey and albaia et al get stuck into the rest of Europe....without us!
Well said old boy!!! my wife cant make her mind up.. to me its simple ....If you like the way it's going and been . Stay in, if your not happy with it, vote to Leave
and Being GOG I'm NEVER happy
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......AND.....we have to stay in Europe for the sake of our environment , yet at the weekend a huge gob of pollution wafted over our green a pleasant land....where from? from Europe!

I also cant abide people that wont look you in the eye (or at least face) when talking to you , don't look over there , or behind me , or up in the air , its just plain ignorant.

sweet corn...did I mention sweetcorn?!
I NEVER trust anyone who wont look me in the eye...and feminists!!!
and I really hate Ungrateful people... take my wife, I came home today with a bunch of flowers for and all she could say was "they look wilted". Un grateful cow. Took me ages to get them off the lampost!!!
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nothing wrong with long as they are good cooks!

top tip teddyt...get your flowers from the cemetery....saves climbing up lamp posts.
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I'm a DG today - double grump.

1. Consumer choice. Went shopping this morning for our monthly basics session. Walked into this barn that stretches as far as the eye can see. Why the hell do we need to have to choose between 50 kinds of soap? Soap is soap, all the additives are just window dressing. 50 types of canned fish. Only three are needed. Expensive, reasonable and for the rest of us. So it goes on, row upon row of wasted effort just to keep people in work.

2. Treats! Just occasionally we decide to have a wee treat. Mostly we feed ourselves from the garden and our food is always very fresh and flavourful. So we decided that chocolate bars sounded good for a change. First time in a year I think. SNICKERS! That was noise they made as they poured whatever they use to sweeten them into the mix. They are no longer sweets, they are sicklies!! I can still taste the foul stuff after having eaten our mid day meal. I looked around the supermarket and the average backside and gut would have trouble getting through the entrance doors. maybe they all eat Snickers or similar regularly.

Oh good grief!
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a grump cant be a grump if its self induced im afraid. you live in france ... home of some rather nice grape based "treats" and you choose a s-nickers! I rest my case m'lud!!
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QUOTE (gordonzz @ 10 May 2016, 06:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I also cant abide people that wont look you in the eye (or at least face) when talking to you , don't look over there , or behind me , or up in the air , its just plain ignorant.
Totally agree.

Unless of course...
  • they are Autistic like me and looking you in the eye is for some reason to us is extremely unsettling. I've had to learn to look people in the eye as it doesn't come "natural" to me, the problem then became that I stared at them in my attempts to overcome my desire to look away. I've found that counting to 5 and then looking away and coming back to eye contact seems to do the trick, but the downside to that is I am not fully concentrating, as I would be if I was allowed to look away.
  • they are from a culture where not looking into your eyes is considered rude.
  • you are butt ugly, then who can really blame them.
  • you are so holy that to do so would blind them.
  • you are so holy that to do so would blind them.
  • there are so scared of offending you due to your high grump standing.
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distant kiwi... the first is a given... but the last three are of course fully applicable to moi!

QUOTE (gus3049 @ 10 May 2016, 11:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Grape based is a staple not a treat!

now im grumpy!!
mind you I suppose it is one of your five a day?
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More like all five but I take your point!
Reading this forum, most of it's been said.

Except people in cars st on trying to push in when you are stuck in a jam.....
After three hours of sweaty subway riding to get to Heathrow and then twenty two hours of sweaty aircraft flying (where you can fart and no one hears it or smells it due to the roaring air con) I get back home to be dicked around by my local budget airline....3.10 departure becomes a 7.10 departure.

Being sweaty and grumpy can make you sweaty and grumpy...snickers makes no difference either.
I take it you're not working for the nz tourist industry then John!!

major grump today...bordering on the banzai!! scabby feral kids , or more accurately their low life drug addled dossers of parents who allowed their , presumably illegitimate , offspring to rampage into our enclosed garden , run along walls and onto our roof. when I confronted the aforementioned vermin for the second time , I was told "reeealy sorry mr but its only kids being kids". mr full-on-grumps reply was , "WELL LET THEM BE ....ING KIDS IN YOUR OWN ....ING GARDEN!!!"
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SHOOT the little Balambs!!!!
involuntary euthanasia for the lot of 'em would work for me.
Well, why didn't you show them your track

First you do your part in keeping the hobby alive and second you get even with the parents when the children will drive them crazy to buy a track for themselves.

Nothing so frustrating as a nagging child
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QUOTE (tifosi @ 3 May 2016, 23:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Apropos Morons with mobile phones

I tend to do the same but then I say BOOO loudly, it is great fun...

Visiting my wrinklies I was on the Oxford Tube (express double-decker for those who don't use it) there was a twat on a phone talking loudly for a few minutes. When he stopped talking the guy opposite one row back started reading his newspaper out loud. After about 30 secs guy one turns and asks him why he is reading out loud and why can he read silently. The whole bus erupted in laughter. Not sure if guy one actually realized why!
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