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GOGS...Grumpy Old Gits Society..

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after all the years of suffering being called a miserable old bar-steward by mrs zz , I am finally rejoicing that she has come round to my way of thinking. the source of this wonderment?... a newly found joint loathing of the foul phenomenon of otherwise seemingly intelligent individuals starting a sentence with the word "so"!!!! if you have been asked , "how do you propose to re-attach that button"? , or , "what method would you use to distribute seed in your garden" , fair enough but otherwise , nooooooooooo! other current hot favourites are "yoofs" with their kecks hanging out the top of their trousers and newly qualified drivers with a green p plate (clearly designating pillock) who refuse to commit to crossing a roundabout without having received a written invitation at least a fortnight in advance! what gets your hackles up?
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Gawd yes, the damned beeps! This Audi is the first car I've had that talks to me in beep! Low on petrol, low on screen wash, window open, door open, you name it and it's far too loud. My neighbour three doors down knows I've left the door ajar. can't switch it off!!

Back to a nice modest classic car next time I think, that knows its place.
taken audi all these years to catch up with a mg maestro!
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football....... nuff said!

also growing increasingly irate at , mostly , politicians and the odd telly presenter who gesticulates with a fist with a slightly upturned pointy thumb. I'm sure they are coached by "experts" so as not to give away any sub-conscious emotions with their hands but it just makes me even more suspicious.
I've Decided I hate everyone!!!
certainly saves on energy being nice to people!
And no one feels left out. in fact it's a winner all round!!!
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Still not sure whether I'm and "In Grump" or an "Out Grump".... Is there a "Hokey Cokey Grump"?
Does that make me a "Indecisive Grump" and therefore cant be a fully fledged Grump?
Theres no such thing , just like being a little bit pregnant.
You either are or you aren't
Hate the news now on the EU thing.
Everyone shouts over everyone else and you cant make heads or tails of anything being said.
I think it is the old way , wherenhe who shouts loudest is rightest.
Sorry I'm late to the party. Been too busy complaining!

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of my morning coffee and I don't own a cat!
eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh.........................cords, leads and hoses!!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE (GavTheHat @ 14 Jun 2016, 21:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Still not sure whether I'm and "In Grump" or an "Out Grump".... Is there a "Hokey Cokey Grump"?
Does that make me a "Indecisive Grump" and therefore cant be a fully fledged Grump?

don't take it personally gav...but indecisiveness is definitely up there on my can people not know what they need to do to save this country from the blazing zeppelin that is the eu ...and if they don't by now I would withdraw their right to vote!!

...and the phrase "very unique"... its either unique or not!!!

(you have gained your grump wings though gav
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I used to be indecisive but nowadays I am not sure whether I am or not.
Thats just your age Brian - I bet you have also joined the club that makes you forget what you went upstairs for just 10 seconds after you made the first move. Gets to us all eventually

My application for full membership of the GOGS includes 2 of my favourite pet driving grumps:

1. Motorway middle lane owners club members

2. People who dawdle along on empty roads (especially out of town) and then flash you when you overtake them. What are they on about ? I reckon they are graciously acknowledging to you that they are incapable of increasing their brain activity to match the road speed........other opinions are available

If these aren't enough I have a lifetimes alternative grumps...........
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Got back in my usual bad mood having sat through all the usual rot. I can just about take the hope of everlasting life but it's the effect in this one that really pisses me off. Firstly the poor family, three daughters and a son, baring their soul in public, crying out loud as they try and say something meaningful about their mum. I don't need to hear all this. We all have our private memories and all the sharing in the world isn't going to make other people's experiences real to me. Rubbish about 'closure' just makes me weep.

AND..... what a waste of good wood. Not sure if the coffin actually gets burnt or sold out the back door to the dodgy funeral parlour down the road but if they do get burnt, it's a criminal waste.

I've told Ronnie that when I go, its a plastic bag or cardboard coffin and she can bury the ashes under a nice oak sapling. If they allow it, just the remains would be fine but the soil in the garden is a bit shallow - on chalk - so digging a suitable hole might be too difficult. NO public funeral. If she wants to celebrate, have a drink and a few friends round.

Actually, I'd love to be able to watch the queue. Ronnie is the only woman shaped female around here. Most are up for a part in the new version of The Blob! I get used to other old men looking at her and then their wives and you can see the mind working! I've already warned her about one or two of the men and she is well aware of their intentions. Must be fun to have that effect at 63 years old!!

That bit I'm not so grumpy about
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thinking that you have seen something...then doubting yourself...then convincing yourself that yes you really had!
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cant imagine why?
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OK, here we go again.
Grump on Ebay...... Link

Please note this Ebay listing contains one or two swear words that some readers could find offensive.
If you are young, easily offended or have no sense of humour do not click on the link.

Hope that is acceptable mods. x
that is sheer brilliance!!!
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