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The Nascot Wood slot car club has been open for around 7 weeks now.

For those whom do not know it was at Burnt Oak for many years but had to move due to the local council.

The club runs on a Friday night mostly sprint races with plastic body and plastic chassis.

A small grant was given to the club which was used to finish off a storage room at the hall, what a difference to the old place.

Since we have been there the track has been extended and in my mind the most important thing is that standard hand Parma hand controllers have been purchased for new people to use.

The move has been most succesful as we have had visits from other people from other clubs in the area and also some new people.

In fact the new people have been enough that i have not even caught up with their names as yet, last night there was 18 people with a few club members not there.

We run classic / group C last night with the Toyota taking the 3 out of the top 4 spots.

I would again like to thank publicly the huge effort that the comittee has put into the new place.

Cheers guys

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