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Good to see the old circuit again!

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Good luck with the new schedule guys.

I will try to get along soon. Honest!

So Mondays at Manor Farm, Tuesdays Alresford or Gosport, Wednesdays Farnham and Thursdays at Liphook. It's a great time to be a crash and burner in the south these days.

What happened to the idea for the Alton Racing Slotcar Enthusiasts title?
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I am a long time member of THE WINNIPEG SLOT CAR CLUB. That is of course located in Winnipeg City Manitoba Province Canada. The Slot Car Track is located in a private residence in StVital. The track is currently 95 feet long. We race every Sunday from October untill about March. We run metal stamped chassis with lexan bodies. Nascar. Outlaw Wing Class. and Formula 1. All at 1/24th scale.

Your track looks fantastic by the way. I wish we ran on the crash and burn formate, but alas i have been out voted for that. We run for four minutes per lane and four lanes a race. We have corner marshells that pick up desloted cars and put them back in their lane. We have different colors for each lane. Orange green white red. The marshalls put desloted cars back into the lanes for the full four minutes.
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