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Goodwood 24th January 2018

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Good Evening all

Another week has passed and we are at round 2 of our Goodwood class

With only 11 members in attendance it was all hands to the deck for marshalling and racing.

Some drivers arrived with new cars and others had done some modification work on their older cars.

This bought some very close racing during the heats as well as in the finals .

Mike had a real attempt to break his own lap record but missed out by 2 hundredths of a second.

A great evening was had by all even with so short on numbers.

The results for tonight are as follows:-

Mike 25pts + 1 for fastest lap (6.258)

James 23

John D 21

Richard 20

Lyle 19

Steve 18

Tone 17

Skippy 16

Iain 15

Keith 14

Ray 13

A quick note for all members:- Blue tac or a variant of is now allowed for screw covering in all classes

Next week its Round two of Sports GT and Group 5

See you all then unless we get bitten by the Beast from the East again (Blame the Gulf Stream again)
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Thanks to the members who contacted me today to say what a great night they had last night, it means a lot to me as Averil and I try hard to ensure everyone has a great night, we certainly have a lot of laughs usually at other people's expense.

It is good to see the B class drivers from last season are getting to grips with the A class cars and every Wednesday seems to bring close racing and even closer finishes.

A very good result from Richard using a standard Slot it Gt40 and making the A final with the quicker NSR cars in the mix - well done mate
. John D always does well in Goodwood so nice to see him in the A final.

James is giving me a
hard time this year leading me by 16 points in the championship,
which if that continue he surely must bein with a good chance of being the 2018 club champion, something he really deserves having been with us since 2006.

The A final evaded Lyle this week due to a motor coming out of the mount in one of the heats
but no doubt he will be up there next week with his Mosler in Sports/Gt.

New member Steve is doing extremely well buy unfortunately the 'red mist' appears and he throws it all away. no doubt about it Steve has great potential.

Tone and Skippy had some decent races last night, but Skippy lost out due to a hand controller problem that side lined him in one of the heats. Tone is getting there but has more potential than is showing at the moment.

Iain had a great night last night with some fair results but I'm sure the pain he is suffering is effecting his racing. Perhaps after his operation he will improve when out of pain.

The D final was contested by Ray and Keith with Ray using a Fly Ferrari with a standard Scalx motor and Keith an NSR Gt40MK11. Ray led for most of the race but Keith slowly reeled him in to take the win. However, Ray had an excuse that before leaving the house last night his two dogs licked his glasses which affected his vision all night - right!!

Have a good week everyone and hopefully Alf, Alan, Viv and John M will be back to join in the fun.

Oh yes, nearly forgot, four heat wins, fastest lap and an A final win don't get better than that but I need that every week to catch James.
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Well done to all the A finalists, it was a fairly close affair with all cars having a share of the lead at one point I think.

It wasn't my intention to be running the nsr Porsche, but due to lack of time I never got round to finishing off rebuilding the slot it GT40, which will definitely be ready for next time!!

See you all for sports
Not a bad nights racing in the end. Well done to Mike for winning the A final but like i said last night im going for this championship and id rather you were in my mirror 😉 my p68 was going pretty well on some of the lanes but others it didnt want to know so to finish 2nd in the A final on red lane i dont think was too bad 😁 well done to lyle who managed to keep the cursed porsche going and good to see close racing between everyone. See you all next week for sports where the ferrari and lambo black arrows will be out on track
Have a good week
Hi Guys

I couldn't agree more - what another great nights racing. Really pleased to have made the A final with my slot it GT40. Perhaps if I had raced the same car in the final then I might have made the podium. Well done to Mike for his win - well deserved. James is certainly giving you a run for your money - very entertaining for the rest of us!
Thanks to everyone for a great evenings entertainment and also to Keith for his race report. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.
Cheers Richard
Hi guys
Sounds like I have missed a good evening but I will be back next week so look out the Lamborghini has a new set of tyres.
Anyway I missed Wednesday because we have been, wait for it, Sky. diving. Great fun can highly recommend it.
See you all next week.
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