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Goodwood 9 Hour anyone?

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This is probably down to the post Goodwood euphoria not having worn off yet - but how about a Nine hour race for Ninco Vintage cars?

It could be run from 10AM - 7PM. Six teams of three, so we could probably fill the entries from the various nights, but we could also take entries from other local clubs that may be interested. Any Ninco Classic car in any standard configuration that they were offered in. Teams supply their own car and spares, and one driver, one marshall and one mechanic (resting) at all times. Perhaps even insist on each driver doing 3 whole hour (57 min) stints either chosen by the team or drawn at random?


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Does anyone actually know if the "lessor spotted PJ" will actually be here for this event? If not it might be just Will and me driving for Team Sagasport. I think we could cope with the 45 minute driving stints.
PJ will be here. I think that's good news

Of course it is
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Hello chaps

Can anyone tell me what the fastest lap was and who by? I know it was about 10.3ish.

Yes Will, feel free to take what you want off my blog once I've managed to get it on there. More importantly, I managed to get one of those £14.99 BBR Ferrari 430 white kits today.

Are we fixed on running a Goodwood Nine Hours or following on from our conversation last thursday are you still interested in running a "Petit Le Mans 10 Hours" for LMP sportscars?
"Mr.M Posted Yesterday, 02:30 PM

I'm Ok with whatever most people are keen to see. The only thing, from a purely personal point of view, that I wouldn't be keen on, is non-standard cars. I lose interest being ground into the dust by you and Peter with your super-tuned stuff over ten laps - let alone ten hours."

Yeah, but that is only when we get to run "open class" cars where it seems that Peter and I do like to "push the envelope" and not just stick a set of Ortmanns on!
Not all my open class cars are that dominant I'm sure. Anyway if we wanted to run LMP cars in a Petit Le Mans 10 Hour race then I expect it to be for for any standard LMP car.

I do agree however that the standard SCX GT and DTM classes we are also running have made for some cracking races but, it also shows up the variation in the SCX 42b motor. The one in my DTM car is definitely "hotter" than the one in my Corvette although I have given it a good blast on my motor runner

And whilst I'm on

Man U 2 - 2 Fulham and we scored first!
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I regret to say that I'm already booked in to visit my parents in law that weekend so I will miss the event
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