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Goodwood 9 Hour anyone?

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This is probably down to the post Goodwood euphoria not having worn off yet - but how about a Nine hour race for Ninco Vintage cars?

It could be run from 10AM - 7PM. Six teams of three, so we could probably fill the entries from the various nights, but we could also take entries from other local clubs that may be interested. Any Ninco Classic car in any standard configuration that they were offered in. Teams supply their own car and spares, and one driver, one marshall and one mechanic (resting) at all times. Perhaps even insist on each driver doing 3 whole hour (57 min) stints either chosen by the team or drawn at random?


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On behalf of the proposed "Long Distance team" ... YES, we're up for a bit of Ninco Classic on the 3rd March - 10am sounds like a good time to get the race underway too!
Keep me posted and I look forward to seeing you all there.
- Peter
One driver per stint is fine...
As long as all drivers have equal race time, can it be up to the team how often they change over ?
You set the rules and we'll play by them!
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There are Four in our team... Can always loan out a driver for a small fee? Or maybe a few laps head start!
(Peter S, Peter S, Paul L, Paul Y)
1 - 3 of 123 Posts
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