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Goodwood Circuit

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OK here we go. My Goodwood Track thread.
I have some of the sections started, most finished and some of the sections still to go. Mostly due to the fact the I am learning more and more about the Goodwood circuit and how its driven. I keep changing my mind but I'm nearly decided on the final shape. I've watched countless hours of in car footage of drivers negotiating the final couple of corners from Lavant through the Woodcote corner and down to the chicane and I find they drive these corners pretty much as one giant right hand turn so I just made it so you'll have to balance the car at speed in a giant slide. I started making the track corners exactly like the aerial photo of the track but found it was a bit too slot car-ish and the cars would pendulam on the guide maybe a bit too much. Also, as you can see from the following photos, the track is 4 lanes and this final section is one giant squeeze. This is mainly due to the fact that my boys grow and get faster and faster/ there'll be little chance to pull alongside and pass as I guess they'll just pound around this track pretty much on the limit. Although the squeeze section is just wide enough to fit past..just! So perhaps make the corners through here work best suited to the slot cars and get used to the fact that I wont win many races around here anymore. So here are the first couple of photos and I look forward to everyones comments..enjoy.

Lavant Straight


Chicane straight


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Great to see you've started another track UK!

I thought you were working on Brooklands?

The track in the background can be seen here.
One of my favourites!!!!
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Thanks UK, good to see you're still building and checking in here!
Looks HUGE Uk!
Although it's a long lap, what times do you expect to see?

Where will you stand to drive?

And if only I could have convinced the missus to let me use the whole garage for a slot room...
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Looks like you shouldn't have any problem adding the outbuildings either UK.

The stand looks even better with som color on it.
Will you build the main stand?
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After your expertise in all things lumber, I'm surprised you went down this route UK.
Still, I shouldn't be surprised... I'm sure you'll master whatever it is you choose to delve onto.

Stands are looking very authentic.

That pre soldered rod is a great idea... so do you just add heat and weld away?
What will they think of next?

Where did you find it UK?
Again, your standard of work is exceptional!

No wonder you've got 10 kids...
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QUOTE Thats how I built the brass stairs. I just line all the kids up, get them to hold a tread in place against the stringer one at a time, hit it with the solder iron and when the tread gets too hot for that one hold any longer, I yell, "NEXT!!".
That's fantastic... got a chuckle out of that!
The whole grandstand/tower looks great UK... any recent pics of it in situ? A wide track shot perhaps?
Try it on the back of the backdrop.... for when the boys get together!!!!
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Snapped this one of the missus last night... we were out for dinner.

Plenty of rain up there uk... either you're gunna get heaps done, or you're busy with a massive clean up!

For those forumers not living in God's Own, the above pic is of an Aussie cricketer (Nathan Bracken's) wife at the Alan Border Medal night.
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What have you decided for the centre of the curcuit UK?
Will you go with a full airfield?
The planes look like they deserve just as much attention as the rest of the layout.
QUOTE Drinks anyone....?

Looks like someone's already been necking a few! (top right!!)

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You've managed to find some inspiring reference shots UK!
I say go the wheels up!

I'd like to see that shot in 1/32!
Looks good UK!
How did you fair with the rain of late?

We copped the left overs down here yesterday... I'd hate to see the inital storm from up there.

Hope everything's nice and dry.

Your ground cover looks excellent UK, what we all need is a longer shot with those wonderfull grandstands and some planes.
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