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I am surprized that this has not yet been mentioned as a topic yet. - or I missed it and if so I apologize for starting it here again...

Anyway. This years Goodwood Festival of speed was not as good for me as the last one. Last year I was there for all three days - but this year - due to a misunderstanding - I was only at the festival on Saturday. It has become rather obvious that this was the worst possible choice - nice day on Friday and another nice on Sunday - Saturday was raining away. Especially sad since quite a few interesting cars did not run because of that (dragsters among others).

But on the slotcar front there had been quite a few changes since last year - both good and bad.

Quite good was that Carrera had brought their HUGE truck over from Germany to Goodwood. In the truck they had a large four lane track for people to race on. Outside the truck they had two tents - in one they had a 1/43 scale carrera track where kids seemed to enjoy themselves rather enthusiastically - inclusive some small girls, dragging their mums over for a race or two...
In a different tent Carrera had set up a track with their digital system wich gave the impression to work rather well. All in all it was nice to see Carrera showing their stuff in a reasonably good manor.

This year Scalextric had a truck on site - I cannot help to think that Scalextric did a much better job last year when they had set up their hillclimb. Not only was it noticably more difficult to get any kind of access or even to see anything in the Scalextric truck this year, but the track itself was cramped. I think that most people just gave up of even trying to get into the tent and just left for some other venue. I do not know if Scalextric had a tent somewhere but I certainly could not find it - and I was looking for it.

Carrera had an exhibition with their huge truck and two adjoining tents that on the whole was much more accesible to the visitors than Scalextric. This was a bit of a surprize for me and others as well since last year Scalextric had an exhibition that not only was great looking but also really accessible to punters - the total opposite of this year.

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