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Andy set a new lap record. Trevor, Alan, Kate, and me, improved our PB’s and Bob set a decent PB.
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B Final:

Alan got straight into the lead and stayed there all the way, Graham and Trevor were having their own tussle for 2nd place. Graham had it till lap 11, then they swapped places a few times, with Trevor coming off best. Trevor 2nd, Graham 3rd, Bob 4th and Bob was racing for his first time on the track.

A Final:

This was a quick final. Andy did 18 laps under 6 seconds (mind you he was on his favourite lane) and there were only 3 track calls. I managed to hang onto him till lap 8, then he was gone with the wind. Alan and Kate swopped 3rd place 6 times. I think Alan had an issue on lap 21 or 22 losing him time and leaving him with 4th, Kate 3rd Me 2nd, Andy 1st.

Andy 25
Keith 23
Kate 21
Alan 20
Trevor 19
Graham 18
Bob 17

Saloons (No points just positional results)

Graham “I don’t like Saloon class” shaved his PB, and Bob set himself a respectable PB.
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B Final:

Trevor led for first 2 laps, Graham took it on lap 3, Kate then got it from lap 4 to lap 8, then Trevor got it back and lapped very consistently for the rest of the race. Kate kept Graham at bay and held onto 2nd place leaving Graham 3rd, Bob 4th.

A Final:

Andy left us for dust from the off. Me and Alan swapped 2nd place 6 times in the first 8 laps, and initially Trevor was not far behind, and he also took 2nd on lap 5 for one lap. But me and Alan pulled slightly ahead, and then I did the same to Alan, and that’s where things stayed for the rest of the race. Andy 1st Keith 2nd, Alan 3rd, Trevor 4th.

Bob did really well and very quickly sussed what to do and when, we could all see that his home racing will stand him in good stead.

It was great to have a new racer, as the old one’s are not turning up… mind you I don’t know the most we can have to keep running 2 classes per night, or maybe limit number of drivers/members. Anyway, it felt a good night and everyone had some good racing.

Next week: Saloons for points and Slot,It as a 2nd class.
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