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Trevor improved his PB.
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B Final:
Trevor drove very consistently that led to him breaking his PB. Kate was also consistent but a little slower, and there was, I think only a couple of offs. Trevor 1st, Kate 2nd.

A Final:
We all got away very quickly, then Trevor came out on lap 2, followed by Andy coming out on lap 3 then again on lap 4, I think Alan was feeling left out, so he came out on lap 6. With all this going on I managed to increase my lead over them all. Andy stayed in 2nd spot ahead of Trevor and Alan with Trevor getting ahead of Alan (when he came off on lap 6) then pulled ahead of him keeping 3rd spot warm for the rest of the race. Me 1st, Andy 2nd, Trevor 3rd, Alan 4th.

Keith 25
Andy 23
Trevor 21
Alan 20
Kate 19

Next week: Saloons for points and Handicap Challenge with Slot.It.
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