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Goodwood "themed" night

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Now you've got your regular night set in the calendar how about setting a date for a classic night.

4th November would be good for me and I mentioned it to Steve & Geoff last night at Liphook.

4-6 classes - depending on numbers - based on grids from any of the Goodwood Revivals. Saloons, Front engined GP, 60's GT, 50's Sports etc. That sort of thing anyway. Keep it fairly open, ruleswise, so as to let homebuilts and modified stuff to run. As long as they look OK.

Whaddya think?
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QUOTE (AAWSCC @ 24 Oct 2008, 12:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>how does that sound?


The 4th is a Tuesday.

You may have to run through this slowly for me.

What happens on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month? And how about the 1st Monday?

I selfishly suggested the 4th of November as I have an appointment in Glasgow on the 5th and I won't be going to Farnham that night. Well, in truth, I have an appointment with my sofa on the 5th watching proceedings in Glasgow. So I thought, to fulfill my weekly racing fix, it would be a good time to get things going at Alresford.
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OK! I'll make a firm commitment to this meeting. It'll mean three nights slot racing that week and then the Wye Valley Rally on the following Sunday. But I should be firmly in the good books by then, as the previous Sunday is the stepson's wedding and I've agreed to wear a penguin suit with shocking pink accessories. Pictures will not be available!

I'll spread the word at Liphook as well, but I think we ought to put a limit on numbers. Dave's garage can only take so much!

It will be good to race some cars I haven't run for a while too. Probably since Dave closed his doors all those years ago.

Fifties Sports will probably be Ninco Jag or Ferrari with SCX motor.
Saloons will probably be old Scaley Mini with SCX motor, Reprotec Abarth with SCX motor or SCX Abarth. See a pattern emerging here
Do the Revell Galaxies go round the tighter bends, Peter?

Sixties Front engined GT will probably be Pink Kar 250GTO or Reprotec Cobra with SCX motor!
Front engined GP is likely to be P&G BRM with get the picture! Mind you Cartrix weren't around last time I raced there, perhaps one of their GP cars with the tamer motor would be good.
Not sure about that last class, I suppose an SCX 330P or GT40. Is the SCX Chappie of the correct age? Don't recall seeing one at Goodwood.

We also used to run a prewar class, back in the day. Mostly Pink Kar Bugattis with SCX motors. I know Geoff was keen for that to be on the programme when racing started up again.

I suppose what we need for the first night is for somebody to fly an R/C Spitfire down the start straight at the height of the pit buildings

Looking forward to it!!
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QUOTE (clarkey @ 2 Nov 2008, 12:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Fly Classic Porsche 906 applicable to any classes.

No, just rear engined GT. You'll have to have something else for the others.

Seriously though, if anybody is short of eligible cars, let me know and I will bring extras. Some may even have wheels on!
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Trouble is the Liphook "Goodwood" night is two days later on the 11th. I know Geoff is keen to race at Daves on a "once-a-month" basis. I'll check with Steve next Thursday, but our priority is to get him to come to the Liphook night. I hope to do both and it does help that the race transporter (case) can be loaded once for two events
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Can someone remind me what to bring?

I know I chose 50's Sports cars in the knowledge that MrsM had been instructed to get me an AutoArt C-type for crimbo. It hasn't arrived yet!

Clue #1

Green or red are quite common colours!

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QUOTE (AAWSCC @ 8 Feb 2009, 21:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So that means we can make as much noise as we want ( not that we don't anyway).

But doesn't mean you can SHOUT IN MY EAR. It's still ringing from Thursday week at Bolwextric!

Weather allowing, I'll be there! Can run my AutoArt Jag this time.
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I'd certainly welcome a smaller engined sports class, along the lines of the Fordwater Trophy at the revival, but I wouldn't like to see the smaller cars removed from the allcomers TT class. I would normally love a fifties sports car class, but when I see that awful C-type that Geoff races, there's no way I would pick it. If that car can't be legislated against because of our "no rules" rules, I don't see why a nearly standard Scalextric car can.

Looks like that's two against, Peter!

P.S. By the way, Peter, welcome to the political minefield that is organizing slot races.
Now that would get my agreement.

The fact that Lee and Alan get a pick is a key point of course.
Just musing over what to run in the over 2-litre saloons. There have been Mustangs run at Goodwood in the St Mary's Trophy before, but as far as I can remember there have only been "notchback" coupes. I don't have a slot car version of one of that body style but if you screw your eyes up the old Exin "Pagoda" Merc 230SL is a bit similar. The age is correct, and it's no less of a saloon than the Mustang ( neither were ever available as a four door), so would it ever have been eligible for the saloon races?

And how about Camaros? I seem to remember an early version winning at the Revival in the past, so is the Scalextric version allowable?
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I bet you had to put extra time on your car park ticket to receive that lecture, Peter! I know I did on the several occasions it has been my honour to hear it.

My best suggestion, using the wisdom of Solomon, is to have two Goodwood nights a month. One can be called the "Study" night, complete with signs up saying "Quiet please - motor racing in progress!", and the other can be called the "Social" night, where you are encouraged to talk to the person next to you in an effort to get to know them better. All are allowed to attend each one, but they must follow the theme of the night - quiet contemplation of the event or social interaction with like minded individuals having a bit of fun.
QUOTE (pressbutton @ 16 Jul 2009, 09:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Don't forget, without this person (and others like him) who has put so much into the hobby over so many years, slot car clubs would simply not exist.

It was this line that rang a bell. Are you sure that is all your own work? And not an echo of a previous conversation.
What happened Steve, forget your password for your previous account?

If there's 6 of us that's 8 bars each. I'll do my best!
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What is the significance of the "over 4 litres" in the American Big Bangers?
How are the roads over your way, Dave?
Good idea!

Geoff rang me today to tell me he's keen to go, so at least I'll have a co-pilot to jump up and down on the back of "Puff" if we get stuck!
Well, Geoff and I were going to make the effort, but if nobody else is going there doesn't seem to be much point.
Good man Alan!

Karl said he was going at Tony's last night, but Peter is strangely quiet, and he is Karl's transport
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Good! We'll see you there then!
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