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Goodwood "themed" night

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Now you've got your regular night set in the calendar how about setting a date for a classic night.

4th November would be good for me and I mentioned it to Steve & Geoff last night at Liphook.

4-6 classes - depending on numbers - based on grids from any of the Goodwood Revivals. Saloons, Front engined GP, 60's GT, 50's Sports etc. That sort of thing anyway. Keep it fairly open, ruleswise, so as to let homebuilts and modified stuff to run. As long as they look OK.

Whaddya think?
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I know my Chaparral won't be allowed in Can Am, but does it go in either of the classes each side of Can Am?
It goes in the sixties rear engined sports class, Jim.
Cheers, Peter.

So Fly Lola T70 or GT40 for Can Am, Chappy for R/engine Sports/GT and Porsche Carrera 6 for Targa?
Sounds good to me. I'm really looking forward to this one.
These continuing bouts of vertigo have stopped me from doing any "serious" racing, and it is nice to be able to just enjoy driving slot cars without needing to win. I can predict your likely reply to that, Jim; I know that's what you do all the time, but I have always had this incurable competitive streak.
You should stop standing on you wallet Pete ;-) that would cure the Vertigo.
So I can race my GT40 in the CanAm
Yeah, you should be more like me Pete. I'm not competitive at all......

Damn that Martin D'arth. If I had only stayed on I would have won that Pinewood TA race!!
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QUOTE (AAWSCC @ 2 Jul 2011, 17:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Yeah, you should be more like me Pete. I'm not competitive at all......

Dave was trying so hard there was smoke pouring out his controller...
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Due to work commitments (Training Course in Bedford for two days) I cant make it this week.
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Sorry folks, due to a number of absentees tonights racing (05/07) has been postponed until next week.

Regards Keith
Would it be worth trying to re-schedule the missed Goodwood night for next Tuesday 26th? The next Goodwood night would then be a week later on the 2nd Aug. We would have 2 Goodwood nights in Aug as 4 weeks later is the 30th Aug. That way it would suit Geoff better as the first Tuesday of the month clashes with his MG club.
Not so sure two weeks running would be a good idea. People may choose to do just one of them and we may end up with not enough on each night to do either. Probably best to just put it down to summer evening syndrome and forget about this one and go for the August date that would have come next anyway.

But I'll try to do whatever night you come up with.

See what others say first though. before making a firm date.
Now that the championship series has gone into hibernation, I think we should go back to the old system; second Tuesday of the month for Goodwood nights, and fourth Tuesday for Club cars.
OK, it's confirmed with Dave now. Goodwood nights will revert to the second Tuesday of each month, commencing 9th August.
Sorry about my unexpected retreat tonight guys... Pesky kids!

Yep, 9th for Goodwood. 23rd for Club cars.
You need to update the Club Website calendar, Dave.
It's Goodwood night this coming Tuesday. Get your cars ready, boys!
Can anyone remember what classes we are running?
Can all attendees to tonights meet please park on the hill.
The footpath is closed for repair so parking in the church car park will mean a long walk, and you probably won't know where you are going.

I trust Jim is travelling with Geoff so hopefully one of you will get this. Unless Jim is staying in to watch the footy?
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