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Goodwood "themed" night

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Now you've got your regular night set in the calendar how about setting a date for a classic night.

4th November would be good for me and I mentioned it to Steve & Geoff last night at Liphook.

4-6 classes - depending on numbers - based on grids from any of the Goodwood Revivals. Saloons, Front engined GP, 60's GT, 50's Sports etc. That sort of thing anyway. Keep it fairly open, ruleswise, so as to let homebuilts and modified stuff to run. As long as they look OK.

Whaddya think?
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The next set of Goodwood classes has been entered into the important topics section.
Bad news folks, just realised that Tuesday is a no go. I'm out. Sorry.

Can't you leave the key under the mat?
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I've got to be at Heathrow for 9.00pm, so I can leave here about 8.00 ish. If your happy to come and play without me then I don't mind.
Jim said he'd rather wait 'til next week and will probably pass that on to Geoff. Keith is happy to do it next week instead. I don't think tomorrow is worth doing with just you Pete. Andy said he wasn't coming and I haven't heard from Alan.
Since speaking earlier about next week, I've checked the Champion's League fixtures.

Which means I won't be there next week. Sorry.
Should be able to make it on Tuesday night if you are going to run it mate.
QUOTE (pressbutton @ 15 Oct 2011, 13:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Any news?

BBC @ 10, most week days . I think Sky have a version, maybe find some on ITV. Nothing in any of the news papers. Private eye is about the best informed.
Who do we have for this Tuesday then??

Andy G

Can someone contact Geoff.... Oh, that'll be me then.

No Alan and no Andy Saviour

So if Geoff does come it will only be 5 of us.

I'll call him and let you know.
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Geoff sounded quite keen when it was mentioned on Thursday, but don't let him know it's hinging on him or he'll milk it!
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Track will be open from 7.30 tomorrow night for Goodwood night.

A reminder of the classes.

Fifties GP, Cartrix and Modern Hornby only
Sixties Front Engined Sports/GT
Sub 1-litre Saloons
Over 2-litre Saloons
Sixties Rear Engined Sports/GT
Fifties Saloon
The Goodwood classes for Tuesday 8th November have been listed in the important topics section.
I assume we are on for next Tuesday. Postponements seem to be happening a lot lately.
Looks ok so far Pete. Footy was this week so Jim should be ok.
The classes for next Goodwood night, Tuesday 13th December, have been listed in the important topics section.
Are we all ready for Tuesday? Do we have enough Pre-war GP cars to go round, as the expected Carrera Mercedes and Auto Unions are not in the shops yet?
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