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Goodwood "themed" night

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Now you've got your regular night set in the calendar how about setting a date for a classic night.

4th November would be good for me and I mentioned it to Steve & Geoff last night at Liphook.

4-6 classes - depending on numbers - based on grids from any of the Goodwood Revivals. Saloons, Front engined GP, 60's GT, 50's Sports etc. That sort of thing anyway. Keep it fairly open, ruleswise, so as to let homebuilts and modified stuff to run. As long as they look OK.

Whaddya think?
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Don't like your chances of getting the girls but it would be good if you could.
Mind you, it might mean that not a lot of racing would get done.

I think lewis would be okay in the old stuff, along with Schuey and Alonso, but i think the rest of them would struggle a bit.

Having said I'm not that keen on the older cars I sorted out my line up for the 11th last night, and they look pretty good, and i'm looking forward to using them now. I say "using" rather than racing because i'll be the one at the back, probably.
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no chance! you know the track! i ll be at the back, i m very new to racing on wood! i dont use mags on my home track in my garage (ninco) but the course surface is totally different to race on!!! i ll be last, i ll just be concentrating on keeping my car in the slot!!!!
QUOTE (Phil Stenning @ 29 Oct 2008, 18:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i m not sure if i have enough cars to enter! i ll double check and let you know, dont wanna miss this one!

off the top of my head i m thinkin

ninco jag xk120 for 50s sport/gt
revell jim clark lotus cortina for saloons up 66
front engined gt i m thinkin fly ferrari 250gto (green one)
front engined gp, maybe my scaley vanwall
rear engined gt may have to be my scaley graham hill gt40

oh and it could be a debut for my monogram 250 gto lm if it arrives and i can get wheels and chassis in time!!!!

I suppose the GT40 have to be MK1 or Mk11. what are the new Scaley ones I guess they're the new version are they?
There are a couple off cheap red ones on ebay are they allowed?
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Important Info.

We noticed when racing on Tuesday night that the lap counter don't register coloured guides.
If you are planning to run any "Goodwood" themed cars that have coloured guides you will need to change them.
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nope the scaley gt40 is a mk2, i ve got the silver one with graham hill driving it:)
QUOTE (AAWSCC @ 30 Oct 2008, 13:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We noticed when racing on Tuesday night that the lap counter don't register coloured guides.
If you are planning to run any "Goodwood" themed cars that have coloured guides you will need to change them.

The main culprits are Scalextric GT40's (they are the right model for a Goodwood theme, incidentally) but don't panic. I have a good stock of black replacement guides @ 60p each or £2.00 for a pack of four.


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Pin guides hmmm Good question. I will have to fire the track up and see.

GT40 let me get this straight, only the silver Graham Hill is allowed. Is it a MK1 then?

Are all the other Scaley ones Mk11 then?
I'm confussed!
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aaarrgghhh!!! pin guides do not register on the lap counters.

As for the rear engined / GT40 class according to wikipedia the Porsche 917 and 908 are of the right era, as is the Lola T70. But after '68 the Chapparal and the 330p were not allowed to run with the GT40 at LM.
Wether they would be allowed at Goodwood though, i suppose is the question.
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as far as i know, all the 'classic' modern released gt40s are the mk2 cars, the 'modern' modern cars being ford gt's not gt40s

my personal opinion would be that the 330p and chapparal would be ok to run, as they are in keeping with the era, and i m sure if any where to enter then they d run them at the revival, and it would be good to have as much variation in the cars we are running, without, of course going out of keeping with cars of that era,
I agree.
It is nice to see people racing with different cars rather than having 4 of the same lined up on the grid (boring).
I think i'll stick with my blue P4 for that class.
Which means, I have a black XK120 the first race , a red Lotus Cortina for the second, a yellow Pink Kar 250 GTO for the third, a green BRM for the fourth and a Blue P4 for the last class. Very pretty.
I hope all you others are choosing you colours carefully, we wouldn't want to clash now would we!
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About half a dozen 1966 vintage Ford GT40 mark 2's race regularly at the Goodwood revival, plus the occasional 1964 vintage Ford GT.
The recent Scalextric models of the 1966 cars, including the Graham Hill version, are all of GT40 mark 2's, and perfectly eligible.
i m hoping my ocar triumph spitfire le mans 1965 turns up in time as i m matching a few of those cars dave! (not in colour but certainly in make!) hopefully my monogram 250 gto lm will turn up, but that needs a chassis. i m thinkin of getting a swb 250gto, although i d prefer an aston martin db2, but i can t find one!!!
I will be there on the 11th, I will bring along what I can!!

I will be at the back, of that you can be sure.

Fly Classic Porsche 906 applicable to any classes.

QUOTE (clarkey @ 2 Nov 2008, 12:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Fly Classic Porsche 906 applicable to any classes.

No, just rear engined GT. You'll have to have something else for the others.

Seriously though, if anybody is short of eligible cars, let me know and I will bring extras. Some may even have wheels on!
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i ve got enough, but i wanna bring something a bit different, just gotta get my finger out and get my 1964 ferrari and 1965 spitfire sorted now! should really start building them, but its warm in my house and freezing in my workshop!
I have a spare PINK KAR GTO you can use, still with original motor so if you bring along a SCX motor you could quickly throw it in.
You must possess a mini!
I also have a Reprotec Cobra that will be spare. No spare for the fe F1, but a spare Mirage for the last on the list.
So that gives you no excuses, apart from they are mine, which means they will be very slow.
Saloon up to 66 - Revell Cortina,
Front engined GT cars - Revell E type or Fly 250 GTO,
Front engined GP cars - Scalex vanwall or Maserati,
Rear engined GT - Fly Porsche 908.

Leaves me with nothing for Fifties sports GT. Anyone got something for sale or rent?

I hope you mean Porsche 906 Clarkey. 908's don't qualify for pre 1967.
I will be bringing lots of Fifties sports/GT, so you can borrow one if you like.
Fly Porsche Carrera 6 on the box!!!!

I promise if I damage any of your cars I will pay for the damage.

Lotus 7 should apply to fifties sports as first one built in 1957!

apologies for tonight fellas, jamie is ok now so crisis averted! hope my leaving did nt disrupt the evening too much! i think i ll knock club racing on the head for a few years until i can dedicate 100% and not bugger off halfway through! thanks to you all anyway and hope to see you in a few years!

i will post some videos i took of the racing tonight as i ve just looked at them and they look quite good!!!

keep on slotting fellas!!

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