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Goodwood "themed" night

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Now you've got your regular night set in the calendar how about setting a date for a classic night.

4th November would be good for me and I mentioned it to Steve & Geoff last night at Liphook.

4-6 classes - depending on numbers - based on grids from any of the Goodwood Revivals. Saloons, Front engined GP, 60's GT, 50's Sports etc. That sort of thing anyway. Keep it fairly open, ruleswise, so as to let homebuilts and modified stuff to run. As long as they look OK.

Whaddya think?
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It was a great nights racing, lots of smiling, laughing and expulsion of gas.

Looking forward to next month.

Its funny how Hornby cant make a modern classic car keep up with the old classics. Yes they do look really good but they dont handle on wooden track.

They might with Ortmann's...

A good night, not least as I got a chance to race my Pegaso, or perhaps I should say run around at the back until the rear wheel fell off.
Following the success of our first Goodwood themed night, the second one will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 9th December (Man Utd are playing on Wednesday 10th Jim, so you should be O.K.).
Entry fee for this wonderful night of fun is a mere £3.00!
The classes will be as follows:

Road going Sports/GT, 1960-1966
Saloon cars up to 2 litres, pre 1967
Rear engined GP cars, pre 1968
Saloon cars over 2 litres, pre 1968
Rear engined Sports/Prototypes, open or closed top, 1960-1967

Hard bodies only.
Wheels, tyres, chassis, guides, and motors are free choice, but remember this is a "Spirit" of Goodwood night. We're only here to have fun.
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Here are some pictures from the first Goodwood night.

Sixties front engined sports/GT

Pre 1960 GP

Sixties saloon. Guess which car won!

From L to R, Geoff, Phill, Scott, and Alan.

What is Geoff holding?
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Looks like he was looking the other way while marshalling and was hit by an errant Galaxy.
Cheers - Phil B.
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It's only ten days until the next Goodwood night, so get your entries in, lads and lasses.
Confirmed so far are Dave, Alan, and Peter. So come on Jim, Steve, Geoff, Scott, and anyone else who wants to join in; let us know if you can make it.
Trouble is the Liphook "Goodwood" night is two days later on the 11th. I know Geoff is keen to race at Daves on a "once-a-month" basis. I'll check with Steve next Thursday, but our priority is to get him to come to the Liphook night. I hope to do both and it does help that the race transporter (case) can be loaded once for two events
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As my return to the Surrey/Hants region looks assured before Christmas, I'd very much like to join you chaps as often as possible.

Lots of pre-66 stuff can be present and correct whenever the call to muster is heard. Looking forward to not being the only slot racer in the country!
You will be more than welcome, driver#8. It will also be nice to "chew the fat" with a fellow NASCAR enthusiast.
I thank you!

Sadly the NASCARs are heading for eBay as we speak. I've got rather too accustomed to going sideways at a gentler pace. Blame it on Junior's late-season slump and my affair with Penelope Pitlane...
Geoff has confirmed his entry today.
Don't worry Jim, he's still going to Liphook on December 11th.
Very doubtful for me. Be sure to post pictures to make me envious.
Following the continuing success of our Goodwood themed nights, the third one will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 13th January 2009.
Entry fee for this wonderful night of fun is a mere £3.00! There are now six classes, so every driver will take part in 24 races.
The classes will be as follows:

Rear engined GP cars 1960 - 1967
Fifties Tourist Trophy
Saloon cars up to 2 litres, 1960 - 1967
Front engined post war GP cars
Front engined Tourist Trophy 1960 - 1964
Pre war GP

Hard bodies only.
Wheels, tyres, chassis, guides, and motors are free choice, but remember this is a "Spirit" of Goodwood night. We're only here to have fun.
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Well Scott, you missed a great night. We had so much fun that we ran another three classes (12 races each) at the end. Who knows how much longer we would have stayed if Dave's wife hadn't (quite rightly) kicked us out!

As requested, here are some pics:

Sixties F1, including Geoff's Monogram Ferrari

Small Saloons

Large Saloons

Rear Engined Sports Prototypes

Pre War GP

At the end of the evening I made a fool of myself by saying that the Jag XK120 never took part in the TT. Of course, it won the 1950 and 1951 TT's at Dundrod!
In mitigation, I have done some research and can now say "The XK120 never raced in a TT at Goodwood". We will still allow them, though.
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Nice grids!

The split saloon classes look more... proportionate, although it was a hoot to see the Abarth run next to the Galaxie.
Another great evening. Even if I came last. No change their then.

As five classes seems a bit mean, especially for those who have to travel a long way to attend, we have decided to add a sixth class for the January meeting. Provisionally this will be for pre war GP cars, unless anybody has a strong objection.
Sadly I cant make 13th January, going to Ireland to visit my mum for a whole week.

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