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Next Thursday 11th December we will be running a Goodwood themed night at the Home Farm track. Our yearly club championship is over and we have a spare date to fill.

Classes will be along the lines of;

60's GT - to reflect the TT race, so for front engined GT cars.
50's Sports
Front engined GP cars
60's Mid engined GT/prototypes
Pre war GP cars

We run 6 classes on our normal club nights, but this means we have to limit numbers attending to get through the entire programme. We can, however, accommodate up to 4 guest racers, so if anybody is interested in coming along respond on this thread or PM me for more details.

It will be very relaxed from a rules point of view, we're more interested in having some interesting machinery racing than anything else. As long as it's a reasonable model of a car that has raced at Goodwood in one of the classes shown it'll do.

Cost will be £5 per person. You get 24 races guaranteed.



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I may need to borrow a prewar GP car, although I assume the club MRRC Mercs are available.
As for TT cars (front engined GT) I have other choices, but I was hoping to run my "reasonable representation" of Graham Hill's 1964 TT winning car.
Only teasing Jim, just reinforcing my reputation as "Pedantic Pete".
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