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Google Cloud move

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Hello all,

We are reaching out to let our communities know that we will be moving the site off of our current hosting platform to Google Cloud this week.

If you notice any issues, please report them in the Community to Team section and we will get them addressed ASAP.

Thanks in advance,

Your Community Management Team
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Thanks for the up front notice about that.

Is the aim to make it all seamless from the user's point of view?

... Or are there any known changes that the ordinary users will notice? ... maybe some improvements to look froward to?
Can we expect to have to login again after the move? That always seems to be a good indicator that something has gone on behind the scenes.

Google means more adverts, and just as I've stopped using cloud storage after the photobucket ransom.
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Hey folks,

The goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible, however it's always difficult to know for sure exactly how a site will convert. In terms of improvements, from what I've been told by the team handling the migration, moving to the cloud should help to improve page load times, improve forum stability, less site outages and help to increase overall security (here's a link for more info on this:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.


As a born again cynic, I just assumed it was for financial reasons. I have tried to eradicate Google from my life as far as possible
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I can see problems coming.
How do I delete my SF account? If someone knows how to, please let me know.

Will Google have access to all our account info, data? If yes then I think an email should have gone out to every member before the move.

I to, am de-googling my life.
I can close your account any time you request it but the only personal info that the forum possesses is your email address which is unlikely to be a secret anyway. It doesn't even know your real name.

Best of luck de-googling your life but I think you will find the internet a tad difficult to navigate without the use of a search engine and Yahoo, Bing etc operate on exactly the same business model as Google.
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With server storage so cheap these days Im wondering why the powers that be are siding with the devil so to speak.
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Jason I believe from reading in here started this place...awesome job my friend. I'm still new to the scene and I enjoy the information and responses in here . I've tried some other forums and what I wrote 6 months ago is still there with nothing is fine with me.for those who disagree the world won't change until capitalism is gone and everyone can live just to be.soooo....for me move it over when it's done I would like to become a plus member to help keep this place going . I'm in the U.S. if you could send me how to join that part would be great.i am not computer friendly and I do understand what others feel but this is the best slot car racing forum i've found.lets stick together and ride it out. Thanks just my thoughts no negativity against anyone keep racing.Sam from Ohio
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Even though it's Google, that isn't enough to drive me away from this forum. Annoying but it would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.
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Google differentiates between its consumer services (which tend to be free), and its business services (which are paid for). Without a doubt, they data mine the snot out of the consumer grade services. Business class tends to be ring-fenced, and much more circumspect. Taking a look at my script blocker for this forum, I see that Google Analytics is already running. If you aren't blocking that site, they already know you're here. We live in a connected world, and you leave a digital trail behind you as you move around the web. Unless you make a conscious effort to do so, all the time, data about you is being used by somebody, somewhere.

Considering some of the issues on here in the past, I think moving to Google hosting will provide a long term, stable platform for the forum. Don't want the ads? Use uBlock Origin. Don't want to be tracked? Turn off cookies and use NoScript. But be prepared for sites not to work 100% how you might expect.
Even when you block cookies Google can still track your internet browsing in most circumstances. They have the right to read your Gmail account, and use your pictures you send, they can look at your google diary, they take pictures of your home and google maps tracks your every movement. And Google never forgets.....anything....ever. They have used this information to beat their competitors illegally in business and have already admitted listening to family conversations on google home speaker system even when you switch it off. It records every song you listen to and every YouTube video you watch. And they freely share it with govt o request.
And if go along with this you deserve what you get. And this is not even one tenth of what they do. Google IS big brother.
I have always assumed that everybody on the net, including the government, is spying on me. As long as people demand free access to everything then it will continue. If you don't pay for things then you are the product.
I cancelled gmail and the search engine (mostly) but that sad fact is for certain things Google just happens to be the best. Their translation engine is the most accurate, maps is better ( gasp) than Apple's and in some instances I have to abandon DuckDuckGo because Google does get better results on search.

As an Apple user, it is similar to trying not to use Microshaft's products but.... whilst Word is damn near unusable, Exell is still the best spreadsheet and is what I use rather than Apple's. I think we just have to accept that there isn't much we can do, and, if we want what appears to be free stuff, someone has to pay for it somehow.

I avoid social media like the plague so at least that's one avenue blocked - perhaps
I did try Facebook but cancelled after trying a few times to appreciate its finer points. There weren't any.
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There are alternative to Duck Duck go such as and for mail

Tbh I don't believe Apple is any less exploitative than Microsoft or Oracle, they just have better PR.

(In fact looking at their hardware prices, Apple is far more exploitative than any one else).

As are Ferrari, Aston Martin and any other company that appears to offer premium products. Way over priced cars that do very little that much cheaper cars cannot these days.

I've used Macs since 1985 and have always found that they were around the same price as the equivalent anything else. Also totally reliable and my present iMac just looks better than anything else on the market.

Anyway, Google.......
I think lads that since we have no choice in the matter of platform selection , we should just play wait and see. No sense in running off screaming the sky is falling,at least not just yet. Once the changeover has occurred then we can each decide on the merits .
I think lads that since we have no choice in the matter of platform selection , we should just play wait and see. No sense in running off screaming the sky is falling,at least not just yet. Once the changeover has occurred then we can each decide on the merits .
Absolutely. Given that we know all the disadvantages of being on the net already (and the advantages of course), it is only if the move messes up our forum that we need to be worried.
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