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As some of you may be aware of I am simultaneously trying to create three different Formula One grids from 1955. Monaco, Aintree and Monza.

Next upcoming projects for February are the Gordini T16s from Equipe Gordini, so I am starting indept research and preparation right now.

Cars to build are:

#8 Gordini T16 - Robert Manzon
#10 Gordini T16 - Jacques Pollet
#12 Gordini T16 - Elie Bayol

#22 Gordini T16 - Robert Manzon
#24 Gordini T16 - Hernando da Silva Ramos
#26 Gordini T16 - Mike Sparken

#22 Gordini T16 - Hernando da Silva Ramos
#24 Gordini T32 - Jean Lucas (PPL RB07, so not part of this topic)
#26 Gordini T16 - Jacques Pollet

In my box I have 8 x Gordini T16 shells from David Sykes, so it should be a walk in the park.

But.... looking at photos and diecast models from these races, the shells doesn´t seems fit to do the job!!!!

After some more research in aproximately 100 books and 1,000 internet sites I have learned, that there are Gordini T16 1954 and Gordini T16 1955 versions! The differences best shown in the tiny book Motor Sport - Racing Car Review 1955 by Denis Jenkinson. Page 62 shows a direct sideview of a T16 1954 (just like my shells) and page 76 a T16 1955 in another direct sideview (not entirely like my shells). Bad luck!

Well, the differences are minor and more into details, but they ARE there. With some skills the shells can be remodelled and roughly represent the 1955 version.

The much easier solution would be, if anyone on the market offers Gordini T16 1955 resin shells?

Any help out there?

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