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GT -Gran Turismo / Production Road Car Design Racing Stock BOX 18k
Rules And Regulations

All motors must be in Standard Winding of 18,000 revs per minute (rpm).Preferably the grey casing ones, standards of fly or scalectrix manufacturers,otherwise other motors will be checked for standard levels. Before competitions all motors must be checked and have the sealing on jointing flaps NOT BENT(opened) done by Slot Wheels 32.

Gears and Pinion:IL/SW/AW
Standard of car which means plastic or nylon ones.

Nylon bushes bearings only are accepted for GT racing.

Wheels and Tyres.
All models must be equipped with four original size wheels.
Rear and front wheels must be of standard manufacture.
No other small and alloy wheels are admitted.
Metal shaft or Fly plastic pins are admitted for front.

All models must be equipped with only one magnet. Any size ,any shape and anywhere on plastic chassis.
Magnets have to be all products for slot racing.

Body design:
All made of cars that are in real for road production. Other cars that are road legal and used in Le Mans are accepted. No Convertibles, Cabrios, Single Seaters , Canams and Prototypes. Rally cars are accepted.

75 grams and over.

This is a GT stock box car class ..only modification is the height magnet which can be adjusted.
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