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Grot chassis ??

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Here is yet another strange (to me anyway) chassis from the late 70s, early 80s.
Considering I prefer slot stuff from the early 60s, I am getting rather fond of those signed chassis from the later period of vintage slot,
even though, to me eyes, these are the people who actuallly killed the hobby for about 30 years.

Here the latest find.

I can fix most of the paintwork; but, what was written on the side??? "THIS CAR WAS MADE ?????????????"
If anyone knows, please let me know. (In the meantime, I shall concentrate in fixing the black paint)

And here is the chassis

As ever: If anyone can add any information, they will be most welcome.


PS: Tony: If you have a second edition of your book, can you please include a listing of the various British chassis/motor builders (we know plenty about the US guys, but so little about the UK builders).
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Hallow Joel there was a chap who raced at the nunerry in Leytonstone in the early 1970's i beleive his name was Les Ward, i met him when i was at a loose end after Hornchurch finished, this venue was one i guested at in the 1970's you could buy this type of chassis in different sizes in kit form from there and you could also get a complete car built for you the kit came with pre bent piano wire, cut out brass sections, and assorted sizes of brass tube & a brass guide plate everthig else you supplied yourself.
I raced this chassis there and at the technical college track in Emerson Park where things like the axle tube fractured quite often as it was soldered to the motor and my soldering skills were not brilliant so it seemed, i ran it with Taylor bevel gears and Riko ball races in the axle tube, and i scrapped it when i finished racing must be around 1974, i am amazed to read that this type of chassis was still being made in the 1980's .
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