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Grot chassis ??

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Here is yet another strange (to me anyway) chassis from the late 70s, early 80s.
Considering I prefer slot stuff from the early 60s, I am getting rather fond of those signed chassis from the later period of vintage slot,
even though, to me eyes, these are the people who actuallly killed the hobby for about 30 years.

Here the latest find.

I can fix most of the paintwork; but, what was written on the side??? "THIS CAR WAS MADE ?????????????"
If anyone knows, please let me know. (In the meantime, I shall concentrate in fixing the black paint)

And here is the chassis

As ever: If anyone can add any information, they will be most welcome.


PS: Tony: If you have a second edition of your book, can you please include a listing of the various British chassis/motor builders (we know plenty about the US guys, but so little about the UK builders).
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QUOTE (Thumb Dog @ 16 Jun 2012, 22:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>While I may not know much about the dark ages of slot cars, I have spent a number of hours in front of my television watching BritComs.

Thumb Dog you're a star!!!
"Grot" chassis: A slot racer with a sense of humour, makes it more valuable in my eyes.
Someone somewhere must remember who signed their chassis "Grot".

And here is a link to the earlier thread about Larry Ward


PS: As for killing the hobby, chill guys, it started dying in 1967, and was a corpse by about 1970, seems to me you were too late.
PPS: Anyway, I actually collect this sort of stuff (only the signed ones mind you). I have another one here stamped "Gilbert"
PPPS: As you have all raced in that period, any signed chassis for sale in your racing box???
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QUOTE (dgersh @ 17 Jun 2012, 10:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>In any case, it's hyper-rare!

Well, in my house it is rarer than an Adams chassis, so there!

I am not sure why I have developed a fondness for the type of stuff I cannot use in vintage meetings (most have a cut off about 1972), but there it is.
May be I should run a meeting for "anglewinders from the period that killed the hobby", bound to be a popular choice.


Thanks for taking the time to dig around, most interesting.

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