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Grot chassis ??

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Here is yet another strange (to me anyway) chassis from the late 70s, early 80s.
Considering I prefer slot stuff from the early 60s, I am getting rather fond of those signed chassis from the later period of vintage slot,
even though, to me eyes, these are the people who actuallly killed the hobby for about 30 years.

Here the latest find.

I can fix most of the paintwork; but, what was written on the side??? "THIS CAR WAS MADE ?????????????"
If anyone knows, please let me know. (In the meantime, I shall concentrate in fixing the black paint)

And here is the chassis

As ever: If anyone can add any information, they will be most welcome.


PS: Tony: If you have a second edition of your book, can you please include a listing of the various British chassis/motor builders (we know plenty about the US guys, but so little about the UK builders).
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It's a pretty conventional chassis for the period, the sort of car that was being raced at clubs all round the country. The design looks like late 70s, but that example could have been built later than that.

That sort of chassis was straightforward enough to build at home, racers at clubs all round the country were doing just that. In addition to the soldering iron, file and junior hacksaw he'd have needed to build the rest of the chassis, the guy who built that one seems to have owned some sort of engraving tool (and a self deprecating sense of humour). That doesn't narrow the field all that much.

Mostly racers would build their own cars, but at some clubs somebody would build a few more for their friends. Quite a lot of the clubs from those days are still alive, and many of the newer clubs have members who raced back then. If anybody knows where L Ward used to race, that would be the place to start (Tony seems to have some thoughts on that).
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SCD made a lot of piano wire and brass sheet cars for Formula 32
Later he made laser cut steel chassis.
Chas Keeling still has SCD very much in business.
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