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Group C Enduro

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I hereby invite you all to this event:

For non-mag Scaley Group C. Now before you start thinking "He must be a loony", the cars do very well for themselves with a change of tyres and a bit of weight. I wanted just any Group C car, but then we'd end up with a feild of Slot.It 956s. Besides, everyone has these scaley cars and if you don't they are very little dosh second hand.

Space for five three-person teams, 12 hours, each member gets 40 minutes on each lane.

Get those entries in, Race day October 24.


No entry fee! Prizes to be won!

Full rules:

^ It's in notepad.

Hope to get some entries soon
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Slight change of plan : Race will now be from 10:00 am to 10:00pm on Sunday Oct 24.

Prizes are kinldy being provided by SRA

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Nobody? Thats dissapointing. Perhaps I will have to re-schedule or cancel.....
I fancy it, but not sure I could find two people willing to be dragged down by my performance.

Mr M, Jexy, Slik, anyone?
Would a Spanish Scalextric M1 be allowed? RX4 motored an' all?

Mr.M (I.I.C.M.D.S.F.C. but second tonight at Farnham to Jamie, coz it took me two classes to get used to running without brakes
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Hey there!

Sounds good

You sure you want me on the team though
As you know, racing on Ninco with old cars is not my good point to say the least!


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Even with you and Mr M - top two from the birthday bash - on the team we ain't gonna win, so best make it folk who can get along in adversity.

Actually, is that half-term week. If it is I might be away the love of my life. Any good B&Bs near the track that I can convince her might pass for a romantic week away?

Still, sounds fun and I need to get up to Phoenix sometime to add to my Slot Cars of the World list. And I like Group C.

What do you think guys, Porsche 956 or BMW M1? Testing required.
QUOTE Actually, is that half-term week. If it is I might be away the love of my life. Any good B&Bs near the track that I can convince her might pass for a romantic week away?

That sounds like she has a week off school!!! I presume she's a teacher....

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Well she's taught me a few things, but nothing that is on the National Ciriculum!

No, she will by then be just over 48 years old. Mind you, she is a big kid - fortunately.
Great News!

Sadly I can't allow the spanish M1, but regular scaley M1s are fine, as are the 956.

The date is the sunday before half term. Hope thats ok.......
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My I jut add via blatant self publicity that I ran my Sauber Merc with an overdirve kit in the dark tonight and it looked fab
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Mr M, I could well be up for this if Scott cant make it...............
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QUOTE (daleg @ 5 Oct 2004, 12:17)Mr M, I could well be up for this if Scott cant make it...............


It's near Birmingham you know! How long would you need to get there?

Anyway I'm still sulking that I won't be allowed to use my all-conquerin.........erm, I mean not very good Spanish M1
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Mr M - You only need one car between the three of you.


If it means you not coming then I guess I'll let it pass........ especially if you fitted it with a Mabuchi.

Sadly, apart from your great bunch there hasn't been much intrest.

It might end up being two person teams so If you can't get a third then dont fret.

FOR NOW though its still three people. Let me know if you can't get a third or of any other htings.

I'll post if anything changes.

Hope to see you soon
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Hi Gary,

I'm only joking about the M1, mate!
It's not definite that we'll be there but, like Scott, visiting Phoenix is high on my to do list. Plus we are still full of the camaraderie caused by the Swiss trip. Slik is keen, I know, as he got me to pick up 2 962s from Bishops Stortford at the weekend, Jexy was waivering a bit and Scott's life might not be worth living if he goes, but that doesn't usually stop him! And now daleg has thrown his hat into the ring! We'll have to have a chat about it at Farnham tomorrow night and Liphook the night after and let you know!

It would be handy to see how you experienced endurance organizers do things as we're hoping to do a 9/12 hour event at one of our clubs soon. So lots of plus points in attending!

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I have no idea how long it would take to get to Birmingham, but it will only take 40 mins to get to liphook. Just wondering if we can get Paul Healey interested in this cos then we could enter 2 teams.

Ive never done an endurance racing before, so this could be fun!!!

All conquering M1, you stolen my car again Mr M?????
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We are about 30 minutes south of Birmingham. The easiest route is the M 40 and then M 42 to Junc 3

As things stand we are short of teams so teams of two could be a very good idea. maybe the choice of car has put people off? If true it can easily be changes and made into teams of two all round.

Gary is still very keen and I have let him run with this his first idea so I would like to see it run as he is a great lad.
Cheers to all

Just let us know how many are up for it and we can mould the 'home teams' around that.
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Holiday now confirmed for 23 -30 Oct, so can't make it, sadly.

I like these cars and it was good excuse to come up to Phoenix. I just have to come up with another one.
No worries. We`ll get something sorted out. You guys seem pretty keen so let me know what you`d like to race and we`ll arrange something later on. Cheers for the support but we`ll have to postpone this one.
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