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Grown-ups night. 5th Feb

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Ben, congrats and thanks to you and team on running tonite's meet. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

As discussed a 60's class for sunday teatimes would be great, but of course another car for the little'uns to provide would be a big ask. Perhaps the more mature (age wise!) ones could be persuaded to 'pair' with a young'un and share, perhaps in a 40 or more lapper with defined driver change times?

Skinny tyred Lotus Cortinas & Mini's v GTO's v Pony cars anyone?

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Do it!

Perhaps we run the "classics" on an adult only evening?

We could run one Saturday night every other month.

Matt and Carla want to do that and maybe extend to 10pm

I'd want to keep the numbers to about 15. It gives us all more racing.

Al wants to come again, and all things being equal, I'm sure Sean will attend.

Must book another night.........!
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Always do my best to make it....

A "theme night" works for me... but best not to make it expensive for people to have to buy a car for a one off event...

was nice to see all the guys without the rush of a 30+ racers night...

Many thanks for the invite ben.
A big thank you to Ben and everyone else at ENSCA for making me so welcome and particularly for letting me race in all the finals.
It was well worth the drive for an evening of very entertaining digital racing. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the magless races, it has inspired me to persevere tuning more of my cars to run maglessly. Perhaps the most surprising bit of the evening though was the spoiler on Sean's Chaparral lasting the duration of a race!

I would certainly be very happy to come again! I will stay away from the winding mechanism next time though... Part of my arm has swelled up a bit and I think I should have a good size bruise from the handle tomorrow.

I would certainly enjoy a "classics" event at some point if that met general approval.

Hope to see everyone again in the future.
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I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed last night! Would definitley be up for it again though a certain amount of arm twisting will be needed if im to attend on the sunday as well....!

I don't know whether to laugh or say sorry! The dangers of wearing a watch..........

Glad you enjoyed yourself - I hope you'll be back!

Laugh, but as I said don't let me near the thing next time...
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