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Grown Ups Night

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isnt it about time we had another one of these Grown Ups Only nights...? Was a great laugh last time around....
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Yeah, and I can stay out until maybe 10 o'clock this time?

I guess individual racing may be preferable to 'team' endurance?

How about 60's 'retro' night, Cortina's/Mk1 Escorts & BMC Mini's v Pony cars, This would however require a whole load of fitting chips to cars not DPR'd, got my soldering iron ready to roll....

I would certainly love to come up for another evening of quality digital racing.

My 250 GTO would fit in a 60s theme so I would be up for that, and any excuse to buy new cars is always welcome!
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Not so good for me, that's my girlfriend's sister's wedding!
21st is good for me. i think...

though no 60's cars for me.
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