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· Alan Tadd
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Browsing the Scalextric site, (can anyone use their search engine?), i found this by accident :-


Product Category: Endurance Racing
Product Code: K2006
Contact your local stockist

Production Details
A great way to add static cars to your scenic Scalextric layouts or just as a display model.

The 1/32nd kits contain all the parts you need to create a detailed model of the real car. Since the car is moulded in plain white you can create your own special livery!

The Hornby range of Kit Cars are static models. The underpan chassis does not carry an electric motor.
All other parts are compatible with standard Scalextric cars.

Additional Production Notes
Wheelbase: 79 mm
Overall length: 134 mm
Rear axle width: 56 mm
Rear tyre diameter: 21 mm
Rear wheel width: 8 mm
Front axle width: 56 mm
Front tyre diameter: 21 mm
Front wheel width: 8 mm
Front wheel width: 8 mm

Availability Details
Available now

Note the reference to available now.

Does anyone know anything about this?....I, along with probably everyone else on this Forum, would like to purchase a few.



· Allan Wakefield
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Hi BEEJAY, it is amongst the next in the static kit lines Scalextric are doing, the same as the Mustang, Camaro, Porsche and rally cars they did last year.
I don't recall immediately what others they are doing but it is looking like a comprehensive mix of their slot cars supplied as static kits. I have the Porsche and it is easily converted to a slot car but the quality isn't as good.

· Slot City
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I'll have to check up on this with Scalextric tomorrow.

Firstly, the GT40 kit wasn't scheduled for release until the 2nd quarter (ie April onwards). We haven't received them yet, so I would imagine they are still to be released.

Secondly, it would appear that they have changed the catalogue number. The GT40 was listed as K2007, though renumbering it makes sense as K2006 had been jumped for some reason. If it has been released, this could explain why we haven't received it - more likely that it hasn't been released though.

I'll post an update tomorrow.

The livery on this car is shown as being Gulf #9.

Slot City.
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