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GT40: Battle of the Italians

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My first arrived at the end of last week. Well, I say my first but I guess I should say His Lordship's first as I purchased it for him to run against my NSR. Due to a fairly nightmare weekend with various family issues I hadn't even had the opportunity to take it out of the box for a proper look... until today.

Some quick observations.
1) It's very pretty - But then if it wasn't, I wouldn't have bought it.
2) It's very light - A little under 61g as against the NSR at 70.2g.
3) It's very thin - The body is extremely thin and flexible around the nose.
4) It's small in comparison to the NSR. Approx 4mm shorter and a bit narrower than the NSR. I might run the calipers over the two of them tomorrow, just out of curiosity.

I haven't had it open yet to have a poke around inside, it is His Lordship's after all. Did sneak a couple of laps, although with the magnet still in. Tyres definitely don't suit the surface. Even with the magnet in it enjoys a nice slow side around the larger turns. But it needs much slower speeds around these sweep turns than the NSR, and much later acceleration.

Couldn't resist taking some pictures of the two Italian made Anglo-Americans on the track.

And a pic from the chopper

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It was very hard to hand the over to His Lordship once I actually saw it in the flesh. Lovely looking model.

I'm not likely to get any of the other Slot.its. They're just not my type of car. But I can see why others like the cars. Great bang for the bucks.

Thanks for the track comments. Must do something about finishing the other end of it one day.

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