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Guides - deslotting - and whatever

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Scalextric have stated on their website why they have introduced the new guide:-

"A new guide blade system has been introduced to the range. The first car to have this fitted will be the TVR 400R due later this month.
Here's a 'guide' (excuse the pun) to some of the features:
1/ The blade can now turn further through the arc than the previous Scalextric guide blades.
2/ The guide plate can now be replaced without replacing the entire guide.
3/ The guide is hard-wired to the motor - no intermittent electrical contacts.
4/ The self-centering spring has been replaced with the traditional self centering effect of the guide blade wires.
5/ Cars will come with a pack of replaceable guide plates."

There is not mention of digital but there are a lot of good points listed including a bigger turn ard before it hits the stop and no intermittent electrical contacts.

AHA - no intermittent electrical contacts!!!


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QUOTE (Tropi @ 22 Oct 2004, 00:22)I'm with Astro and Canary- THE FUN in slot racing is in racing, not in deslotting.

I think that deslotting is important. Imagine racing without the possibility of deslotting... would it be fun? You would hold the trigger down all the way all the time and the car with the best motor will win. Deslotting is needed to keep us on the edge and to give us a limit to push towards. Sure we don't like to de-slot, but we need it to enjoy the game.

Note: This topic has now been split from the Scalextric 'chip' thread. I don't know where Moped got the idea to start to talk about guide flags whilst on the topic of chip placement in cars...

There technology is here to 'transcend the slot'. You could have sensors unde the cars to keep them on the track because if we had full steering - at the speed we go - we wouldn't handle it.

These kids are following a line with their robo-racers. More info.
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