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Guides - deslotting - and whatever

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Scalextric have stated on their website why they have introduced the new guide:-

"A new guide blade system has been introduced to the range. The first car to have this fitted will be the TVR 400R due later this month.
Here's a 'guide' (excuse the pun) to some of the features:
1/ The blade can now turn further through the arc than the previous Scalextric guide blades.
2/ The guide plate can now be replaced without replacing the entire guide.
3/ The guide is hard-wired to the motor - no intermittent electrical contacts.
4/ The self-centering spring has been replaced with the traditional self centering effect of the guide blade wires.
5/ Cars will come with a pack of replaceable guide plates."

There is not mention of digital but there are a lot of good points listed including a bigger turn ard before it hits the stop and no intermittent electrical contacts.

AHA - no intermittent electrical contacts!!!


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you still lose time if the back end slides out too much, so keeping in the slot is a bonus and does not reduce the skill needed, just the marshalling! I wish it was deeper, but I do like the new guide.
With many cars, the 'limit' for best time is before the 'limit' for deslotting. The back end slides out too much, the wheels spin. The car can even sort of stall and stop, and then be recovered. Keeping on the line, maybe with a touch of slide, goves better times.

Look at Xlots video of his non-deslotting track! There the cars cannot desolt at all, but watch the car spinning out. Lack of skill is losing that driver a lot of time. Hold your trigger down full the whole time and you will be left for dust, not winning a thing!

Realism? In real races, drivers lose time and races from not getting the best line, the best braking point, the best amount of slide, on corners. Not who crashes the least!

Personally I don't mind de-slotting, but I would like less of it, and do get a more satisfying and FUN drive out of my fly cars when I have replaced the guide with the deeper Fly racing guide. With small guides and plastic track, you can have deslots at really slow speeds too which is ridiculous.

I think Scalextric should make cars which work with their current track - ie a deeper blade, and offer the short blade as an option for people running obsolete or other manufacturers tracks!
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tut - I advertise your ingenius system and THIS is the thanks I get!!!!
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AussieCapri, have a look under digital for the thread about just such a track:
xlots system

For those of you who missed xlot/sliks video of xlots track featuring no deslots - here is the link:
xlot's non-deslotting track system

I don't believe deslotting is vital to the sport. However, I am also happy with a bit of deslotting, so to get back to the thread:

should scalextric's new guide be deeper? All the arguements about skill go out of the window unless you are arguing that the guide should be less deep, because that means more skill! I seem to have missed the masterclass thread where people trim their guides shallower so that the car deslots more! (yes I know people do make the guides shallower so they do not rub on the bottom of the slots, but that is a different issue)

The question is not about skill especially, it is about what the IDEAL guide depth is; Have scalextric got it spot on with the new guide, Carrera Ninco Fly and Slot-It should get their micrometer screw guages out and match this depth? Of course not.

Jonny also talked about prepping a car for races - well if the rules allow, then guide depth is one of the factors in prepping. And it is a simple thing to make a guide shallower, deepening a guide usually means replacing with another guide - not an easy thing with scalextric's new style guide.

So basically the guide depths we are talking about will not eliminate deslotting (even though imho such elimination would be very viable), but rather what depth gives the fastest laps - same as changing make of tyre, motor, loostening body etc etc. In 1:1 analogy, deepening the guide is probably analogous to dialling in the understeer.

For me, running magnet on lumpy plastic track, a deeper guide works better. My cars ALL deslot, and best lap times are cornering well below deslotting speeds (ie at speeds with a touch of oversteer, but not too much).
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probably, the round black new unusual scalextric design that has a removable braid plate
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