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Guides - deslotting - and whatever

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Scalextric have stated on their website why they have introduced the new guide:-

"A new guide blade system has been introduced to the range. The first car to have this fitted will be the TVR 400R due later this month.
Here's a 'guide' (excuse the pun) to some of the features:
1/ The blade can now turn further through the arc than the previous Scalextric guide blades.
2/ The guide plate can now be replaced without replacing the entire guide.
3/ The guide is hard-wired to the motor - no intermittent electrical contacts.
4/ The self-centering spring has been replaced with the traditional self centering effect of the guide blade wires.
5/ Cars will come with a pack of replaceable guide plates."

There is not mention of digital but there are a lot of good points listed including a bigger turn ard before it hits the stop and no intermittent electrical contacts.

AHA - no intermittent electrical contacts!!!


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I'm with Astro and Canary- THE FUN in slot racing is in racing, not in deslotting.
Scalextric made the deep slot track so let's have a guide designed to fit it or what was the point!
There were actually better guides in the 1960s
This is why we need STANDARDS!
We'll need 'em even more for digital - eventually.
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I'm still with Astro!
Deslotting is the biggest pain in the gluteals and the biggest turn off there is.
It's no fun and it damages cars. It should be the absolutely least likely reason for losing a race which, as Astro says is to sort out who can drive round the course the fastest. Ham fisted driving never wins races, slipping and sliding doesn't win races.
You shouldn't have to suffer termination for every tiny mistake - it just isn't fun!
Added to which, it really doesn't reflect the real thing, where you can spin and continue or drive on the grass or whatever, which both lose you time but don't terminate your drive except in the worst possible cases.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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