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If you think back to the retro meet we had at Oaklands at the beginning of the year ( I thought that was a nice mix of scale and speed - wheels were perhaps still a little too small to be scale, but cars were recognizable and went OK although admittedly the 'He Who Shall Not Be Named' (Oaklands joke) Chapparal didn't go too smartly after I hit it with my Ford Mk IV. My car was just an old Trinity with an old S16D with real-ish front wheels and tractor-level amounts of ground clearance on the back. Maybe a similar set-up with realistic modern shells would be a neat halfway house. A slightly more competitive version of that car with a realistic LMP shell stickered up with vinyl decals would look good and require a bit more skill to drive than the BSCRA 1:24 production class.

Actually at the moment I don't feel a need for scale in the Oaklands racing since Ralph and I are (shockingly) messing with racing Scalex (and I can't paint as well as their tampo printing machine can!) at Great Barr on Friday nights. Axeman is looking at the modified classes and has the bit well and truly between his teeth.

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