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Hallo everyone,

I am from Nuremberg, Germany the home town of the toy fair and Carrera (in former times it was located in the city boundary between Nuernberg and Fuerth.
I started in the early 1970s with Carrera Universal and switch 2010 to Carrera D132/D124.

I have had two tracks. The first track "Brockhausring" is at home (since 2014), which has become my test track since I have the second one.
Here a picture of Brockhausring and the plan. Is is a dual track, so I can race analog and digital.
Building Urban design Leisure Public space Race track
Slope Line Font Pattern Circle

With three other friends I have had another track in Erlangen (City next to Nuermberg), we call us: "slotrace56". It is also an dual track.
Here some expressions:
Furniture Property Picture frame Couch Television
Picture frame Building Interior design Automotive design Ceiling fan
Building Floor Flooring Machine Asphalt
Automotive tire Automotive design Flooring Race track Floor
Rectangle Slope Font Line Parallel

I have written a story about the creation of slotrace56 in Freeslotter-Forum, but it is unfortunately in German.
Link to story in Freeslotter

We have been using silicon tires for one and a half years because we want to get rid of the weekly grinding of the PUs.

Now I am interested in oXigen and learned that there is a hugh knowledge in this forum, so I joined and look forward to sharing with you about our hobby.


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Hello and welcome Fluff, you have a couple of great tracks there!
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hi Fluff
And welcome to this forum.
I love Freeslotter, there are some very cool tracks and some very innovative approaches.
Although I do not speak German, google translates works pretty well.

As for your post here, I like both tracks.
I can see your interest in oXigen and there are some people here that can help (Mr Flippant in primis).
In this forum you can find a lot to learn about tuning, building cars, track design and racing.
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