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I want to introduce myself.

I am a 35 years old slotter from Germany.
My entrance was a start-package from Ninco, aMercedes DTM2000. Then follows
another and a lot of straights and two Mini packages.

At the moment, my track is on the floor at the attic and it´s 28m per lane.
But when I see the great pics of your raceways, I want a track with scenery
as well.
Mostly, I build something for the track. I think, when my son is a little
bit older (present not quite three years), I will spend more time with
This track is for fun and when I want to race, I have the opportunity to use
a 6lane wodden track at a racingcenter (but my knowledge in build-up a 1:24
car is not really good).

I register for this forum, because there is a friendly conversation all the
time and the members come from different countrys.

I hope, my english is not too bad.

Greatings from Germany!

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Thank you all for this warm welcome!

@Gunther: Here is the layout of my "Testtrack":

Now, I´m thinking about a 4lane track, which is switchable to a 2lane track with the double lenght (lane 1+3 and 2+4).
This is for my three years old boy when he gets older and if he want to race with his friends.
But the discussions in die Digital-Board are very interesting.

Should I wait with building other special track parts until a universal digitalsystem is available? And then....there are two lanes enough?
But this is not the right board to discuss that!

Tschau, Roland.
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