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Al Schwartz
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...and my best wishes as well - you may be approaching the stage where it is useful to take some consolation from the following bit of wisdow imparted to me some time ago (around the 60 mark, if I recall)

"Getting old is a bit of a bore - but - considerr the alternative!"


Russell Sheldon
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Many thanks for reminding me, Guys... I've been playing with slot cars for 40 of the past 51 years and I still can't drive the gutter lane...

Wonderful montage, JP! Thank you!

For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a print-out of this picture of my favourite car from wife, which she downloaded from F1 Rejects..... Hmm, no doubt a not so subtle message there...

Kind regards,


Mirror, Mirror

A young spring-tender girl
combed her joyous hair
'You are very ugly' said the mirror.
on her lips hung
a smile of dove-secret loveliness,
for only that morning had not
the blind boy said,
'You are beautiful'?

Spike Milligan
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