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Hard Body nights 2017

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The "Hard Body" racing nights for this year are:

1st February
8th March
12th April
17th May
21st June
26th July
30th August
4th October
8th November
13th December
All Wednesdays.

This year we will be running Championships for any "Hard Body" Sports/GT cars and F1 using club owned, hand out, Scalectrix white GP cars,modified with deeper Scale Auto guides. Both classes will be run each night.

Sports/GT Format
Qualifying to be the best of two runs, one on an inside lane, one on an outside, with lanes allocated using the Randomise function of Race Coordinator. The lane pairing will be red/blue and yellow/black, which are one inner and one outer lane. Finals will be single run step-up with at least two to step-up to balance out any disadvantage there might be in the qualifying lane pairings.

F1 Format
Prior to Qualifying there will be a warm-up and controller setting period with each driver running for 2 minutes on each lane.
Qualifying to be one driver at a time over 3 flying laps with the fastest laps dividing the field into Groups. Qualifiers 1-4 would be in one Group, 5-8 in another etc.
Each Group would then have one run, of 2 or 3 minutes, on each lane with the aggregate scores in laps giving the positions. It would be possible to win from any Group. The idea of dividing into Groups is to make the lane changes quicker and to run drivers of similar ability together.
The same lane will be used for qualifying at every night to get a consistent "Qualifying Record". The same car could be used by each driver for qualifying, drawn at random for each night.
For the Group races, cars would be drawn for each lane and stay on that lane for each Group unless damaged.

Doors are open from at least 6:30pm sometimes earlier with racing starting at 8:15pm.

I should have posted this earlier but I have only just finishing modifying enough of the F1 cars!
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I am sorry that I have taken so long to post the results but I had to check through them to correct where possible the lap counting hiccups experienced on the night and then had to find where the latest Windows 10 upgrade had hidden the snipping tool I only use every six months or so.

As a consequence I can't really remember enough to give a decent trace report except to mention the incredibly close Sports/Gt A Final dice between Simon and Steve Hills.




The Scalextric White GP cars, bought at a good price from Pendle, provided close and competitive

Racing, although the drive trains will need a bit of upgrading to withstand regular use.

Next Hard Body night is on Wednesday 8th March, at which I will be awarding bonus points for all improvements to PB's, both distances and lap times and introducing a rule that anybody crashing into the wall at the end of a lap in the F1 qualifying session will have that time discounted. The cars will never last otherwise!
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Our next Hard Body night will be on 8th March.

After some feedback from 1st February's racing we have decided to allow more racing for the driver-owned Sports cars and will run 4x3 min heats qualifying for single run Step-Up finals.

We will run the hand out F1 cars after that, dividing into groups either on previous performance or fastest lap qualifying depending on time and the views of the attendees.

In order to achieve this we will start racing at 8:00 pm, with doors opening at about 6:00 pm.

We have been carrying out some modifications to the rear axle set-up of the F1 one cars in order to get them running smoother.
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