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Harden Creek SG+ Neos

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I think I'm being a bit special as I cannot seem to work out how to fit my Harden Creek neos into my SG+ and then have a rear axle in the car.

Could someone who has fitted one of these take a photo so I could see how it is done!


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Ah drat. Yeah they are those ones. Thanks Andy. I guess I'll have to get some of those BSRT hubs!

Thanks Jon. I went with .275s and they're in the mail already. I probably will end up getting some .300s as well in the future and a stack of replacement arms!
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For the time being yes. I may put the lot in a stiff BSRT chassis. Can't put a hot arm in it as it wouldn't be legal then....this year anyway!

It's a good learning ground for future Pro Mod endeavours!
That chassis and a good arm are on my shopping list for the future.

And Deane, I want to win a Mod round first...and maybe a championship!
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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