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Harrogate Toy Fair 27/11/11

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I am planning to pop along to the Harrogate Toy Fair tomorrow ( since it's about 10mins up the road. The website mentions Scalextric and Star Wars; how can I resist ? Has anyone else been along to one of these ? Can I expect to find bargains, or will it all be overpriced tat ?

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Sometimes a couple of online retailers may attend (ScaleModels used to attend Donnington and Birmingham NEC toy fairs, not sure if they still do). Also you may see vintage scalex dealers there (vintage = the cars, not the dealer). You do normally find a few stalls of slot cars but you have to look hard to find them. There may be model shops who do slot cars and trains on the same stall. Sometimes they are also good places for those hard to get spares for older cars such as body parts, wheels and tyres.

Happy hunting!!

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