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Harrogate Toy Fair 27/11/11

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I am planning to pop along to the Harrogate Toy Fair tomorrow ( since it's about 10mins up the road. The website mentions Scalextric and Star Wars; how can I resist ? Has anyone else been along to one of these ? Can I expect to find bargains, or will it all be overpriced tat ?

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Well, it sounds like it's worth a look. If all I spend is a fiver for me and the kids to get in, and a few hours wandering around until the F1 starts, it's not really a bad way to spend a Sunday. And if I can bag a bargain along the way, that'll just be a bonus.

Well, there were certainly *lots* of die casts and trains. It was fairly soul destroying to look at the pristine versions of stuff with stickers around the £200 mark when I have the very-played-with condition ones in the kids' bedrooms.

There was a fair bit of Star Wars stuff, probably a lot more than I expected. But these seemed to be discouragingly cheap. A few rarer ones had tall asking prices, but when the run of the mill stuff is £2.50, which is a lot less then they sold for when new in the shops, I'm leaning towards handing over my Star Wars figures to the kids.

There were a few other oddities dotted around, with beanie babies going for about £10/5 (boy, has the bottom ever dropped out of *that* market), lots of Lego, other action figures like Dr Who, Power Rangers etc.

While about half a dozen stalls had from one to a handful of slot cars, there were two stalls dealing exclusively with slot cars. One guy was just doing cars, all new and boxed. A few Team Slot ones, a few Scalextric, a couple of Revells, and a gang of SCXs. I wound up buying the McRae 'No Fear' Subaru off him for £25. Sure, I'll probably be able to pick it up off Ebay for £20 in a year's time, but I thought the price was fair for an impulse-purchased brand new model. The other slot car stall had a broad mix of old and new cars, predominantly Scalextric. They also had track and buildings. I went over to see about getting another rally loop/dogbone but the seller had wandered off. Oh, well, his loss, I guess.

So, it was fun to wander around, and I could have certainly spent a lot more money if I'd left my will power at home. As it is, I got to spend an interesting few hours with my eldest boy, and we didn't go bankrupt in the process.

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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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