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Hi Scott.
Where: Bricket Wood Social Club, Oak Ave., Brickett Wood, Herts AL2 3LQ
What: 9 stages over 3 rally tracks - list of eligible cars and set-up rules available from Nic Picot.
When: Sunday 16th Jan, 05.
Licensed bar and refreshments, great fun, etc.
Contact Nic at 0208-421-5922 or e-mail [email protected]

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A few more details of the Slot 32 Rally.

SLOT 32, in association NINCO,

The SLOT 32 Rally Challenge on 16 January 2005.

VENUE-Bricket Wood

Time 11.30-5pm

Licensed bar and refreshments available

LIMITED NUMBER OF DRIVERS advance registration required

Eligible WRC cars :-
Make :- Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, Team Slot, and Cartrix Spirit
Models :- Impreza, Lancer, Peugeot 206, 306 & 307, Clio, Megane, BMW, Mini,
Saxo, Punto, Focus, Corolla, Golf, Ibiza, Cordoba, Supra, Accent,
Octavia, Fabia, Xsara, and Celica (Ninco)
All cars must have clear windows, driver and navigator and rally sticker

Eligible Classic cars :-
Make :- Ninco, SCX, and Team Slot cars
Models :- Alpine A110, Alfa GTA, Stratos, Abarth, Austin Healey, Jaguar XK120,
Porsche 356, Ferrari 166, AC Cobra, Austin Mini, Escort Mk1, Datsun 280Z .


2 categories/classes novices/magnet and non magnet
Rally will consist if driving all the Rally stages 3 times. Each stage will be at least 3 laps.

The winner will be the car driver who completes 9stages in the fastest time
Drivers can enter one or two cars. The entrance fee is payable per car.
Cars when not being used on Rally tracks will be kept in Parc Ferme.
On arrival the entrants cars will be assigned a rally number and the car kept in Parc Ferme whilst not racing. After each session of 3 stages the car must be returned with the drivers score sheet to Parc Ferme. The car will be returned to its owner after completion of the rally

There can be no maintenance carried out during the Rally. Between stages drivers will be permitted to clean tyres and braids.

Only the driver and his marshals may touch the car during each rally stage. ( the driver must appoint his own marshals max 2 per stage)
Any competitor touching a car without the drivers consent can be disqualified from the event

WRC and Classic :-
(1) No magnets.
(2) Motors and axles can be glued in.
(3) Tyres must be from the named manufacturers and must fit on
the original hubs. Tyres must not protrude more (than 2mm?) beyond the wheel arches
except ioun less manufactured as such. (SCX Xsara's + Team Slot Stratos.)
The final decision on such ruling will be at the discretion
of the Slot32 the organisers.
(4) Sprung guides can be used with/without springs.
(5) Screws can be loosened to aid body 'rock'. no must be tight
(6) any ninco, scx, team slot, cartrix,spirit, scalextric motor WRC motors can be changed for any from the named manufactures
without modification to the chassis.
(7) Classic motors must be as original fitting and original manufacturer.

Entrance Fee :-
(a) £5 per car maximum 2 cars Discount is offered when booking 3 places £12.50 payable
Top ten drivers will receive a trophy.
© The racing will be on a minimum of 3 NINCO circuits/tracks.
Power to the circuits will be 2 amp regulated supply. The drivers can choose 12 14 16 18 or 20 volts. We provide a 3 pin 2 amp socket. Earth brake, live is power and negative neutral. Tracks will be positively wired. The right hand rail facing direction of travel will be the positive rail.
(d) Drivers must provide their own hand controllers resistor less or resistor allowed, and these must be fitted with a standard 3pin 2amp plug. An economy 45 ohm parma controller per track will be available for those drivers without their own controller
e timing will be provide by to 1/1000 sec and lap timers will be triggered when the car passes the start line. Ie the race starts when car crosses the start line not when the count down hooter sounds.

There may be additional tracks available/included. Details to be advised.

For further information please call Nic Picot (0208-421-5922)
Or E-mail:- [email protected]

Should be around 30 competitors and 3-4 stages, repeated 3 times.
Not quite as big an event as Abergavenny but should be fun all the same.

Hope to see some of you there


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Sounds great and I hope to get an entry for both classes (WRC & Classic).

Assignment of numbers and parc ferme a good idea, but I'm not sure I understand the marshalling rule though. I guess it will make sense on the day and after all, we are only playing with toy cars.

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Yup, it sounds like a fun event, and I've entered in the WRC class. I'll probably use a Xsara, I think. It seems there will be no practice, so you just line your car up and go for it...

See you there


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Thanks for the map Scott. Now I won't have to scare the locals by oozing up beside them and winding down the window ...
Tested my Ninco 307 at Eastcote last night. An excellent car which is almost as fast around their track as a BMW M3. Motor glued in, original wheels and tyres straight out of the box, even with the added rolling resistance of the 4WD rubber band. Very impressive.
Roll on Sunday week!

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Hi daleq.
Check out post #6 for eligible cars.
I was talking to Nic this afternoon and he only has five or so available entry spaces left. Anyone intending to come but hasn't yet registered better be quick.

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Thats what I thought, but it says Datsun, Escort MK1 and Austin mini, but doesnt say Scalextric as a manufacturer............or am I reading too much into it

I should be booked in through Scott, just dont know what toys to take?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Hi sunk...
Ninco track has quite an abrasive surface, more so than Scalextric classic track at least.
I hesitate to take issue with McLaren but I've generally found that Ninco tyres work best on their own track. One exception being very fast GT cars that benefit from Proslot or P3 tyres, but that's a long way from rally cars.
Too much grip will tip a tall, narrow rallymobile over so a certain amount of experimentation may be in order. There will be a track at the meeting available for testing car set-ups, etc. but I understand that time on it will have a small charge attached.
For what it's worth my Ninco 307 handles really well on the stock grooved tyres it came with.
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