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Hello Everyone

Hope someone can help solve a bit of a mystery I currently have - a recent purchase from Fleabay included a slightly different looking Williams FW11, looks like the normal car, red 5 etc but does not have magnatraction or the turbo flash. I realise that this might have been removed, but there is no recess for the led like on the more normal car which I also have.

Is this rare / unusual? Just want to check before I put some other stuff on the aforementioned auction site.....

Thanks for your help

Green Horse Racer

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No sweat, we all have days like that. I just removed the other two posts.

Depending on the age of the car, you might want to move this to the Vintage and Collectors section too... just let me know if that's the case...


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The early FW11s did not have magnatraction and had a different chassis as you have described.
These are numbered C374 and the magnatraction car is C426
This also applies to the black Lotus Renault, with C373 being the non-magnatraction car and C425 with the magnet.
Neither are rare.
The rare one is the non-magnatraction version of the C434 yellow Lotus Honda, C373, and only available in Australia in sets.
There did not seem to be a non-magnatraction version of the #6 Williams C369.

Later magnatraction cars were later altered to take a clip-in guide but the 'C' numbers were not changed.
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