So I am having a bit of a tidy up as the collection has once more got out of hand. There are new Scalextric, BRM 1:24th, old VIP and MRRC so quite a mixture.
I will be taking these to Corby/Rockingham tomorrow so if you are going you could save some postage. Payment by PayPal 'friend' please.

This is part one of 3. Do please take a look at the other two batches.

I really should have cleaned these before the photos!

BRM Mini
Built from a white kit and a few months later BRM did the same colour scheme, hah!
Runs nice but I have hardly run it at all.
Clearing clutter, these are £85 I want £45 plus P&P
Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Circuit component Passive circuit component Electronic component Electronic instrument Gas

Betta & Classic Fiberglass Ford Galaxy
I have had this for years and still not built it, probably never will.
These are £13.50 at Pendles, I want £4 plus P&P

Wood Rectangle Beige Gadget Wallet

CSCRA Class Richard Mack chassis VW Beetle
This is a complete animal with a TRSF type motor but it is quick.
Richard Macks lovely chassis, a nice Arii bodyshell, top quality running gear worth buying for parts alone.
I want £45 plus P&P
Wheel Tire Hood Vehicle Car

Gas Automotive exterior Auto part Metal Camera accessory

CSCRA Class Richard Mack Chassis Lotus Cortina
Lovely runner, typical smooth Richard Mack chassis with a TSRF type motor.
Shell is tired (USA SCCA/TransAm livery) so this one is cheaper at £40 plus P&P
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood

Rectangle Electric blue Plastic Automotive exterior Camera

CSCRA Class Richard Mack Chassis Brabham BT49
Better car than I am a driver, goes really well.
Mack chassis, Scalextric body MRRC 35K ‘S’ can.
£45 = P&P
Vehicle Car Automotive design Font Race car

Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Gas Automotive wheel system