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Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club in Liverpool need to share that due to some main rail line closures affecting some of the good people who we knew wanted to take part in our meeting - we have changed the days that events will take place - swapping the Sunday events to Saturday and Saturday events to Sunday.

Here is the revised entry invitation form - please post on slot forum to let us know that you are aware of the change.

We have also attached the report of the last Policar meeting held on our track in the hope of encouraging a few more entries.

Hope to see you there



Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club


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Hi Pete,
Rob and I will still be there both days.
What time will the racing start on Saturday?
M ick
Hi M ick,

Really chuffed that you and Rob will be racing at our meet - we planned to start racing at ish on Saturday - is that ok for you both ?

Looks like being a really good meeting with many of our club members joining in along with the usual travelling aces - and some great new cars built up during lockdown by various people.




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Hi Pete
Please add me and Jon White to the Saturday Policar event in both classes.
Looking forward to learning a new track. Were both used to racing on bumpy tracks but not one with a yump in it 😀

Hi John and Jon,

Great to hear that you are planning to join us for our Policar event - I am not sure where you are based - but just wanted you to know that we usually have a Monday afternoon 'test session' at the Hawthorne Park slot car club and all are welcome - but it would be advisable to e mail club principle Ted just to check that the club will be open - sometimes another day in the week works out better for those who plan to go from our club. Ted's e mail is at the end of the meeting invitation PDF.

If you could join in with a test session (or two !) it would undoubtedly make your racing on the day of the open meeting much more enjoyable as both you and your cars would be well set up so that you could really enjoy being part of the whole scene.

Our track is easy to learn, no nasty bits.....but as with any slot car track the better you know it the faster you can go....but one of the nice things about our track is that often people end up racing side by if you end up running with someone who runs at a similar pace on track to can really race together.....doesn't matter if you are the fastest two or the slowest wheel to wheel at Hawthorne Park is where it's at...often the biggest round of applause at our club night or weekend open meetings is for the best wheel to wheel race...that last's the whole 3 minute heat....not for the person who wins the racing !

Then again...the really quick people often 'get air' over the hump.....half an inch too much air and you are in the wall welcome to the high risk world of slot car yumping.....but it is great fun and adds to the buzz of putting a good lap together.....start slow and eventually you find that yumping comes naturally once you settle in to consistent lappery.

Our club night is a Friday night and again visitors are always welcome - but you would not have as much time to run your Policar and get used to driving them on our track.

All of the standard Policar run really well on our track - most people find that the Policar F22 tyre is the way to go on our track but I have found that the standard treaded tyres that come as standard on the car also work really well as long as they have had lots of running.

Look forward to meeting up and learning more about your track,



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Entry list update as at 29th September.........looks like being a really well attended with that in mind.....we just want to re-assure all our guests that the whole long corridor outside the track room will be available for use as pit area.

Andi Rowland (Mr Policar) - saturday only
Mark Webster
Steve Hills (Mr Truspeed)
Paul Cooper
Graham Edwards
Geoff Taylor
**** Langridge
Rob Heseltine
Jeff Norton - saturday only
John Underwood - saturday only ?
Jon White - saturday only ?
**** Kerr
Rob Kerr
Ted Martin
Pete Crane

More entries welcome.......looking like a good weekend of serious slot car racing fun......



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Hi everyone, as Ted explains in his last post - we think that we are now at maximum capacity for the entry to this meeting - so I thought that I should list all the expected entries to make sure that no one has been missed.

Saturday - Policar racing - 2 classes - standard and modified (standard cars can race in the modified class)

Track opens for practice from 9.00 am with racing starting at 1.00 pm sharp

Lots of heats to get through so we request all drivers and marshals to be wide awake..and in the right place at the right time !

Ted Martin
M ick Kerr
Rob Kerr
John Underwood
Jon White
Jeff Norton
Rob Heseltine
Andi Rowland
M ick Langridge
Geoff Taylor
Pete Crane
Steve Hills
Graham Edwards
Paul Cooper
Mark Webster
Paul Minnis
Mal Walker
Phil Clayton
Mike Guy
Mike Broadbent
Phil Hayes

Does that seem ok - anybody I have missed off ?

Andi Rowland, John Underwood, Jon White, Jeff Norton and Phil Clayton do not intend to run on the Sunday 'vintage' racing - so anyone with some open frame and steering cars who wants a run on Sunday......a couple of spaces still available.

Looking forward to some close, competitive ....but most of all friendly racing at this meeting....please check out the entry form previously posted for all the full details,



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Standard Policar meeting results

First of all - big thanks to our meeting sponsors who added so much to the day

Copper Braid Products who are the long term sponsors of our club and provided all the great trophies

Policar in the form of Andi Rowland who supplied a brand new boxed Policar as a raffle prize

Pendle Slot Racing who also always support our meetings and sent some seriously good vouchers to use at the worlds best slot car one stop shop

For various reasons some of our expected racers had to miss the meeting, Pete Wright, Steve Hills (Mr Truspeed), Phil Clayton, Mike Broadbent and Mal Walker were all much missed....we hope to be racing with you again before too long.

Jeff Norton was the lucky winner of the new Policar raffle prize
Smile Eyewear Vision care Customer Event

Hawthorne Park club principle Ted Martin handing over the new Ferrari to Jeff

Pete Wright popped in to say hello - and won the Pendle Slot Racing gift voucher

Smile Curtain Customer Event Eyewear

Here are the results from qualifying

Pete Crane 88.482
M ick Kerr 86.373
Jon White 83.818
Paul Minnis 82.127
John Underwood 82.049
Ted Martin 81.344
Mike Guy 81.189
Rob Kerr 81.105
Phil Hayes 80.467
Rob Heseltine 79.911
Jeff Norton 79.910
Paul Cooper 79.428
Mark Webster 79.220
Geoff Taylor 79.092
Andi Rowland 74.450
Graham Edwards 73.903
**** Langridge 71.956

Mention must be made of the great job done by Mike Guy on race control - he had been covid jabbed on the way to the meeting but still managed to run the race computer without any hiccup......which is more than can be said for the person who was meant to keep a record of the step up finals which as usual proved to deliver close and exciting racing all excuse is that marshalling duties and the need to keep to timetable took priority.......

We had expected to see some Policar white kits completed with new livery....but that never club principle Ted Martin was given the tough job of deciding which standard Policar should win the concours trophy.....Rob Heseltine was his choice....

Glasses Smile Window Automotive tire Eyewear

Which brings us to the final

Ted Martin, M ick Kerr, Rob Kerr and Pete Crane were all equally matched in terms of lap times and it looked like being a really tight race.....and it was....but Pete made a good start and as usual 'the metronome' stayed at the front until the race finished.

1st - Pete Crane 19.611
2nd- M ick Kerr 18.666
3rd - Ted Martin 18.532
4th - Rob Kerr 18.161

White Product Automotive design Flooring Automotive tire

Modified Policar report to follow in a few days time.....

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Modified Policar Report

When the fantastic Policar models were released for general sale a few years ago, many slot car racers quickly worked out that the game changing 'gearbox' unit designed by Andi Rowland would be a natural choice for future slot car projects and was especially suitable for use in Formula 1 and Grand Prix type cars. The gearbox units are now on sale via the Pendle Slot Racing website with a choice of final drive ratios - along with various 3D printed chassis units and motors - enabling a whole new world of interesting, fast and scale cars to appear at various CSCRA (Classic Slot Car Racing Association) meetings over the last few years. What is interesting is that most builders find it really hard to put together a car that delivers a better lap time than a standard Policar - a testament to how 'right' the standard Policar is when it hits the track......

Note that I said 'most builders'.....but M ick Kerr is widely respected in all slot racing circles for his beautiful - but oh so fast ! - scale slot cars that he builds. M ick is also a top level slot car driver......but over the last few years son Rob Kerr has usually been able to squeeze even faster lap times than M ick out of the Kerr slot car collection. It soon became apparent when M ick and Rob Kerr started practicing the 'modified' Policars that they both had serious pace in the cars they ran - to the extent that Rob recorded a 7.2 lap in practice - the outright lap record for Hawthorne Park is held by Ted Martin with a 7.0 dead (although visitor Ben Lambourne from Pendle club once recorded a genuine 6.999 which has not been forgotten...) Ted and Ben were using 'full house' Flat 6 powered modern sports cars.... as light and fast as possible.....and Rob was circulating at this lap record pace for many laps at a time......astounding for a modified Policar.

Jeans Vision care Sleeve Standing Eyewear

Of course if you end up racing against M ick and Rob on a regular basis at the Rockingham slot car are by definition a really top slot car racer....and this was the background that saw both John Underwood and Jon White also setting the track alight in practice - they were both setting really fast times with consistent laps - which was pretty amazing considering that neither of them had ever driven the track at Hawthorne Park until the morning of the event !


Here is a pic of Jon looking suitably happy with life after running so well at his first visit to Hawthorne Park..

Vision care Eyewear Computer keyboard Sleeve Picture frame

Jon finished third in the 'A' final of the standard Policar event - after also qualifying third overall in the heats - a terrific result for the first visit to the 'old school' Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club

John Underwood also made an impressive debut at Hawthorne Park by qualifying third overall in the 'modified' class

Smile Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle

Here are the final qualifying scores for the 'modified' Policar class

M ick Kerr 90.132
Pete Crane 89.246
John Underwood 86.721
Rob Kerr 86.437
Ted Martin 83.260
Mark Webster 82.921
Jeff Norton 82.134
Rob Heseltine 81.863
Jon White 81.829
Geoff Taylor 80.451
Phil Hayes 80.097
Mike Guy 79.813
Paul Minnis 79.179
Graham Edwards 77.555
M ick Langridge 71.671
Paul Cooper 69.047
Andi Rowland 68.034

The race control was once again managed and delivered by Mike Guy who did an excellent job - he could only make the Saturday events and was really missed on the he is in a characteristic chirpy pose before venturing into the race control seat....nobody argues with Mike when he is race director.......

Jeans Sleeve Gas Engineering T-shirt


All joking aside.....both Mike and Paul Minnis are regular overall winners at Hawthorne Park club nights.....they both drove well all day and had good cars......just to try and share with you how close and hard the racing was and how good some of our visitors were......perhaps go back to the qualifying scores with that information in mind....

Glasses Smile Shoulder Vision care Eyewear

The concours event had real meaning this time - apart from a couple of standard cars all entries were scratch built and as already mentioned M ick Kerr and M ick Langridge were here - both acknowledged top class slot car builders in the national CSCRA open meeting scene - while Hawthorne Park club members Ted Martin, Geoff Taylor and Phil Hayes are also well known for putting together beautiful, detailed and very scale looking cars......but Andi Rowland takes this competition to another level with the quality and integrity of the models he produces.....and quite rightly took the concours prize with this amazing model,

Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Perhaps Andi could tell us more about the build and the real car which was I think driven by Lella Lombardi...but what car is it ?

Here are some of the other competing cars in the modified Policar class

Vehicle Infrastructure Motor vehicle Mode of transport Car

All brilliant cars but on close inspection no one could fault the workmanship that Andi had put into his car

Table Urban design Toy Automotive design Engineering

Champion slot car builder Andi Rowland receives his winners trophy from champion rail racer and Hawthorne Park club member Geoff Taylor.......

And so to the 'A' Final.....this time it was M ick Kerr who was the best driver in the final - he was fast, smooth and consistent and never made any mistake to take a well deserved win from Pete Crane, John Underwood and Rob Kerr who all raced hard to finish in that is M ick receiving the winners trophy from Hawthorne Park club principle Phil Hayes

Automotive design Gesture Picture frame Engineering Art

A little aside here.....notice the picture of the Porsche 917 behind M ick on the wall......M ick used to mechanic the real Porsche 917 's in his younger days....

Here is M ick at his celebratory slap up meal following his big win at Hawthorne Park

Furniture Automotive design Eyewear Engineering Chair

All that was left was to award the 'Spirit of the meeting award' to Jon White - always smiling, always ready to marshal when asked, and always very competitive on his first visit to the club...... he was a deserving winner......well done Jon.

(I did try to add the pic of Jon getting his award but computer says no.........ran out of space...sorry !

The next Policar meeting is January 15th 2022 at Rockingham Slot Car Club - hope to see you there
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